STARK – Man Without a Tribe by Leigh Brackett

Eric John Stark was born on Mercury to miners who died in a cave-in. He was brought up by Mercurian aborigines and given the name N’Chaka, meaning “the man without a tribe”. Stark grew up to become a wanderer, a warrior, a rebel, and ultimately a legend.


Elak and Jirel

Elak of Atlantis and Jirel of Joiry are, in a way, a matched pair. Elak,written by Henry Kuttner, and Jirel, written by C.L. (Catherine Lucille) Moore, are heroes of the Swords and Sorcery sub-genre of fantasy fiction. What better way to be introduced to these two superb authors, from before they married, than through two of their acclaimed series.


Jirel of Joiry by C.L. Moore

The complete tales of Jirel of Joiry, flame haired warrior maiden of medieval France. Jirel is the proud, tough, beautiful, flame haired, warrior ruler of Joiry — located somewhere in medieval France about 1500. Her adventures pit her against witches, sorcerers and supernatural beings, as well as much more easily dispatched men.


Elak of Atlantis -The Complete Saga by Henry Kuttner

After the suicide of Robert E. Howard in 1936, readers were left wanting more stories of swords and sorcery similar to the Conan stories. Henry Kuttner (1915-1958) responded with the Elak of Atlantis stories.


The Complete Doctor Satan by Paul Ernst

The Complete Doctor Satan by Paul Ernst is a series of eight novelettes in two volumes. Written in 1935 and 1936 for Weird Tales magazine, the stories pit the sinister and evil Doctor Satan, master of both scientific and occult knowledge against Ascott Keane, equally a master of the scientific and the occult.


Adam Link: Robot Complete Set

Adam Link: Robot Complete Set
This is the Complete Set of all three volumes of the Adam Link: Robot stories by Eando Binder. The Adam Link saga was originally published in Amazing Stories and was always eagerly awaited. The set contains all ten of the original stories.


The Complete Adventures of Captain Trouble by Perley Poore Sheehan

The Complete Adventures of Captain Trouble – Pelham Rutledge Shattuck, American wanderer, brawler, fighter in China fulfills his destiny as the incarnation of Kubla Khan. As Shadak Khan, Captain Trouble, he battles the war lords, the wizards and the Tongs of China to bring about the new age of Maitreya Buddha.


Armageddon 2419 A.D. and The Airlords of Han by Philip Francis Nowlan

These are the original Buck Rogers novels. Caught in a mining accident in 1927, Anthony “Tony” (Buck) Rogers fell into a state of suspended animation and only came back to consciousness 492 years later. He awakens in a world where Americans are mere back woods gangs “not worth the trouble of subduing” by the ruling Han Airlords. And so the stage is set for the “Second War of Independence.”