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English Knife by Robert A. Garron

English Knife – Four Stories: A kidnapping for love, a ship full of Nazi spies, a robbery/homicide and a man who snapped. A full line-up of crime.

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Enslaved Brains by Eando Binder

Enslaved Brains is a tale of humanity rising against the Cult of the Scientists.


The Jewels of Ling Ti by H. Bedford-Jones

The Jewels of Ling Ti – Various buyers of antiques in China, agents for collectors and dealers, compete with each other to acquire priceless objects. While some are honorable men some are decidedly not.


Gun Hawk by Ed Earl Repp

The Gun Hawk rides the trail of vengeance, as Cowskin was being bled to the bone by the bloody reign of terror of The Devil’s Disciples, a gang of self-installed vigilantes. Ranches were stolen, herds ravaged and men lynched wholesale by this unholy crowd.


The Dragoman’s Tales by Otis Adelbert Kline

The Dragoman’s Tales – In these seven stories, Hamed the Dragoman will take tourists who come to his city, to the coffee shop of Silat where he tells tales of his life, his loves, his intrigues and his battles.


The Bounty Hunters by William L. Hopson

The Bounty Hunters – Charley Cogin had plans for the murderer of his sister—plans which included an ant hill, a burning sun, and the privilege of watching an enemy die inch by inch! The rest just think there’s a bounty on Wallace’s head and their greed blinds them to the Mexican bandits and the Apaches they are sure to face.


Tetrahedra of Space by P. Schuyler Miller

Tetrahedra of Space – Five stories of Martians, Mercutians, Atlantis, and a survivor of remotely ancient times.


The Pool of Life by P. Schuyler Miller

The Pool of Life – From out of the primordial ooze comes an entity that plots to conquer the Earth.


Devil Drums by Murray Leinster

Devil Drums – Three stories about how the jungles of the world are ever unaffected by human greed and lust for power.

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