The Log of a Cowboy by Andy Adams

The Log of a Cowboy – An account of a five-month drive of 3,000 head of cattle from Brownsville, Texas, to Montana during 1882 along the Great Western Cattle Trail.

$4.95 $3.95

Dead Men Singing by H. Bedford-Jones

Dead Men Singing – Remember the Alamo! H. Bedford-Jones turns his massive story-telling talents to the Texas Revolution and the Battle of the Alamo.

$4.50 $3.50

.45 Fever by L.P. Holmes

.45 Fever – Five stories about taming the Wild West. From gunhawk outfits masquerading as cattle ranchers to greedy men inducing Indian attacks on stagecoaches, the West was wild and violent. And needed taming.


Gun Hawk by Ed Earl Repp

The Gun Hawk rides the trail of vengeance, as Cowskin was being bled to the bone by the bloody reign of terror of The Devil’s Disciples, a gang of self-installed vigilantes. Ranches were stolen, herds ravaged and men lynched wholesale by this unholy crowd.


The Bounty Hunters by William L. Hopson

The Bounty Hunters – Charley Cogin had plans for the murderer of his sister—plans which included an ant hill, a burning sun, and the privilege of watching an enemy die inch by inch! The rest just think there’s a bounty on Wallace’s head and their greed blinds them to the Mexican bandits and the Apaches they are sure to face.


Texicans by Frank Bonham

Texicans – Two novelettes of what men will go through to protect who and what they love. Men who don’t want to be kings but want to be free to live their lives as honest men.


The Garden of Eden by Max Brand

The Garden of Eden – Ben Conner, gambler on the horses, has come to Lukin to find some peace and quiet. But almost the first thing he finds in this remote high desert community is a horse race.


Guns of the North Wind by Donald Bayne Hobart

Guns Of The North Wind – Folks are being evicted. Those who stay are being killed. There’s a range war happening in the Big Hills Valley between the Cattlemen and the Sheepmen but nobody knows who started it or why. Only that there are massacres happening to both sides. Wayne Morgan, the Masked Rider and his pard, Blue Hawk ride into hell in the middle of a blizzard.


Skeeter Bill by W.C. Tuttle

Skeeter Bill is a horse-thief. An honest one, but a horse-thief, nonetheless. He and his pardner, an old, washed up, drunken Judge, somehow manage to clean up a mining town run by outlaws.


Gunsmoke Years by Gunnison Steele

A double-crossing partner that abandons a man to the wolves; gamblers playing poker with a woman and a ranch as the stakes; an outlaw and the sheriff that put him away thirty years before, band together to rid a town of corruption. These are some of the stories in Gunsmoke Years.


Adobe Gold and Other Stories by Eli Colter

Adobe Gold and Other Stories – A lost treasure of gold, a hidden outlaw town, a gambler and his sister, and a framed man on the run. These are the elements of these four stories by Eli Colter.


Bonanza by William MacLeod Raine

Bonanza: A Story of the Gold Trail – The story of the gold and silver rushes in Nevada are told through the characters of two pairs of brothers and a pair of sisters. Honor and greed are the backdrops for love and murder in this novel of the West.