Thomas P. Kelley
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Thomas Patrick Kelley, self-proclaimed “KING OF THE CANADIAN PULPS” and the “FASTEST AUTHOR IN THE EAST”,   would churn out as many as three 4,000-word short stories in one day and was still unable to meet his demand. Kelley published fantasy serials with such titles as I Found Cleopatra and The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships for the popular pulp magazines, Weird Tales, Uncanny Tales, and Eerie Tales.

Kelley is probably best remembered for his books on the murder of the Donnelly family on the night of February 4, 1880. The Black Donnellys has been through more than two-dozen printings since 1954. Vengeance of the Black Donnellys, the sequel, has been reprinted 16 times since 1962.

A Million Years In The Future by Thomas P. Kelley

A Million Years In The Future – a thrilling interplanetary story of Jan, the last man on Earth; Tara the Glorious, Queen of the Stars; the Wolves of Worra, the Nine Terrible Sisters, and the Black Raiders, destroyers of a thousand planets.


The Last Pharaoh by Thomas P. Kelley

The Last Pharaoh – The illegitimate son of a concubine of Pharaoh Thothmes II and the favorite daughter of the great Queen Hatshepsut have survived to the present day. She lusts for the sins of the flesh. He is driven to world conquest. One American traveler to Europe stands in their way.


I Found Cleopatra by Thomas P. Kelley

Brian O’Hara, young two-fisted American lawyer, has inherited the ancient Egyptian scroll which tells that the body of the great Queen Cleopatra lies in the heart of a mountain in the innermost part of the Sahara Desert — “not dead, but sleeping.”


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