Mr. Pulp

Wondering how to install and read our eBooks once you’ve purchased them? You’ve come to the right place.

After you have paid for your purchases you are automatically shown your Receipt. Your receipt will have links in the left hand column that go to the eBook files you should download. You will also get an email from us with a copy of the receipt that will have the links available to click. Your download links expire after 10 days so don’t delay in using them.

Every eBook will come in two file types and there will be separate links for each file type:
.mobi files are used for Kindles and the Kindle software you might have on a tablet.
.epub files are used for every other type of eReader and eReader software.

Important Update: As of Fall 2022, Amazon has discontinued the use of the .mobi file type. You will no longer be able to load a .mobi file into your Kindle device or Kindle software. Amazon has adopted the industry standard .epub format. We are in the process of removing all .mobi files from this site. Please do not download any more .mobi files.

Click the links and download your files.

Once the files are on the device you read from, simply tap the files to load them into your default eReader program.

Begin reading your new eBooks.