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PulpFictionBook.Store FAQs

Q: What do you have at The Pulp Fiction Book Store?

A: We have found a treasure trove of old Pulp Fiction magazines and are slowly converting them into eBooks.

(The question comes up now and again if we sell any printed books. The answer is NO we do not. We only sell eBooks.)

We’re not trying to reproduce the old magazines. We’re focused on finding the works by individual authors and editing them together to make our eBooks. We don’t foresee combining the works of different authors together into the same eBook. The two obvious exceptions are:

1. An author that uses several different pen names might have works from several of them edited together. An example is Frederick Schiller Faust who used the pen names Max Brand, George Owen Baxter, Evan Evans, George Evans, David Manning and half a dozen others. We’ll let you know when a pen name is used.

2. Stories from a “house name” might be edited together. For instance, Standard Publications used the house name J.S. Endicott, or sometimes John S. Endicott. A number of authors wrote under this pen name for Standard across their many publications. It isn’t possible at this point to figure out who actually wrote any particular story. We’ll leave that for others to determine. Most Pulp publishing companies had a house name they used from time to time. Again, we’ll let you know when a house name is listed as the author.

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Q: What formats are the eBooks in?

A: All of our eBooks are in both .epub and .mobi formats and when you purchase an eBook you get both format files. If you use an Amazon Kindle or Kindle software, the .mobi formatted file will work for you. If you use any other eReader device or software, including iBooks, Nook, Kobo and Sony Reader, the .epub file will work for you.

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Q: Do you use DRM?

A: No we don’t use any DRM (Digital Rights Management software). However, all of our eBooks are copyrighted. We hope you’ll respect our work enough to respect our copyright also.

Q: What about Public Domain and Copyright Laws?

A: We do extensive research to make sure that the underlying stories our eBooks are based on are in the Public Domain in the United States. However, we’re only human and could make unintentional mistakes. If you believe we have infringed on your copyrighted work, please contact us as soon as possible at our Contact page. We will correct any problems immediately.

One issue with copyright law is that it is not standard from one country to another. We make every effort to insure that the stories we publish are in the Public Domain in the United States. However, we cannot insure these works are also in the Public Domain in other countries. If you live in a country where a work is still under copyright, such as a “life + 70” country, then DO NOT purchase that work from us.

We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any works purchased or downloaded from our U.S. based website if the purchaser or downloader is illegally violating copyright laws in another country.

Q: If a story is in the Public Domain can you copyright it again? How can you copyright your ebooks?

A: Actually you’re asking about two separate issues. First, if a story is in the Public Domain, it can never be clawed back into copyright status. Once that bell is rung, it can’t be unrung. A story, or more specifically, a text, cannot be double-dipped, as it were, into copyright status.

As for our ebooks, we cannot put a Public Domain text under our copyright. However, we can and do copyright everything else about our ebooks. Our ebooks just happen to contain within them Public Domain texts. So, from the cover, through to the last page, everything we have done, created, and/or assembled to make the ebook, with the exception of the underlying Public Domain text, becomes copyright by us.

Q: What payment process do you use?

A: We use both  PayPal and Stripe to accept payments. You can either use your regular PayPal account or you can use a credit card through the Stripe gateway. Either way, we NEVER see your payment information. After your payment has been processed by the Processor, you are returned to this site where you will get a receipt with download links for your new eBooks. Click the links, download your eBooks and enjoy!

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