The Jewels of Ling Ti by H. Bedford-Jones

The Jewels of Ling Ti – Various buyers of antiques in China, agents for collectors and dealers, compete with each other to acquire priceless objects. While some are honorable men some are decidedly not.


The Dragoman’s Tales by Otis Adelbert Kline

The Dragoman’s Tales – In these seven stories, Hamed the Dragoman will take tourists who come to his city, to the coffee shop of Silat where he tells tales of his life, his loves, his intrigues and his battles.


Devil Drums by Murray Leinster

Devil Drums – Three stories about how the jungles of the world are ever unaffected by human greed and lust for power.


The Petals of Lao-Tze by J. Allan Dunn

The Petals of Lao-Tze – The eighth “petal”, is the final piece needed to recreate the complete golden talisman that is said to have given Lao-Tze long life, perhaps even immortality. Retrieving it from a dead man deep in the Himalayas is the easy part. Bringing it back to a wealthy benefactor is another story.


The Leopard Man and Other Stories by Perley Poore Sheehan

The Leopard Man and Other Stories – Three stories of magic, mysticism, mystery, and the strange unexplainable things that happen in some of the remote corners of the world.


Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas by Jules Verne

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas is the classic adventure story of “Pierre Aronnax, Conseil His Servant, And Ned Land, A Canadian Harpooner ” as they journey around the world under the seas with Captain Nemo and his submarine, the Nautilus

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Black Vulmea by Robert E. Howard

Black Vulmea, Irish pirate on the Spanish Main, roams the Caribbean and the South Atlantic in search of treasure. Along the way he battles Indians, other pirates, and the hated English.


The Return of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Return of Tarzan – After giving up the love of his life, Jane Porter, to his cousin William Cecil Clayton, Tarzan returns to Paris and through a series of occurrences, thence back to Africa.


Monkoto – Three Novelettes by Dan Cushman

Monkoto – Three novelettes about lust, thievery, voodoo, and murder in the middle of the African jungle.

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Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan of the Apes – The story of Tarzan, born of man, who becomes the King of the Apes, and who must find his humanity again.


The Black Jarl by Johnston McCulley

The Black Jarl – A Viking Jarl, son of a Jarl, comes home to the land of the Norse in the time when the Gods of Valhalla fight against the God of the Cross. This Jarl, viewed with suspicion, marked for assassination, must prove himself worthy to inherit his father’s domains.


Through the Andes by A. Hyatt Verrill

Through the Andes – Three men and their two retainers go on an archeolgical expedition into the Andes. There they find a lost civilization.