The Jewels of Ling Ti by H. Bedford-Jones

The Jewels of Ling Ti – Various buyers of antiques in China, agents for collectors and dealers, compete with each other to acquire priceless objects. While some are honorable men some are decidedly not.


The Dragoman’s Tales by Otis Adelbert Kline

The Dragoman’s Tales – In these seven stories, Hamed the Dragoman will take tourists who come to his city, to the coffee shop of Silat where he tells tales of his life, his loves, his intrigues and his battles.


Monsieur Dupin – The Detective Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

Monsieur Dupin – The Detective Tales of Edgar Allan Poe – With the stories in this collection, Edgar Allan Poe is considered to have founded the genre of detective fiction. These five stories introduced the character of Auguste Dupin and gave us the foundation of “Ratiocination” (or deductive reasoning) from which later detectives such as Sherlock Holmes would claim their fame.


The Moon Trilogy by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Moon Trilogy is a three-part story that begins with a tale of space travel and reincarnation, becomes a tale of military dictatorship, and ends with a second American Revolution.


Dr. Ivan Brodsky, Surgeon of Souls by Victor Rousseau

Lost and broken souls come to Dr. Ivan Brodsky and he does what he must to repair them. Many souls haunt the living, attempting to return to the land of the living. Some souls are confused, some are angry, some refuse to go back to the eternal plain. Dr. Ivan Brodsky helps such souls to their destinies.


The Dream Quest of Randolph Carter by H.P. Lovecraft

The Dream Quest of Randolph Carter by H.P. Lovecraft – These five stories take Carter backwards and forwards through time, across outer space, and across a number of dimensions.


Skeeter Bill by W.C. Tuttle

Skeeter Bill is a horse-thief. An honest one, but a horse-thief, nonetheless. He and his pardner, an old, washed up, drunken Judge, somehow manage to clean up a mining town run by outlaws.


Black Vulmea by Robert E. Howard

Black Vulmea, Irish pirate on the Spanish Main, roams the Caribbean and the South Atlantic in search of treasure. Along the way he battles Indians, other pirates, and the hated English.


Real Ghost Stories by E. and H. Heron

Real Ghost Stories –  The Supernatural Experiences of Mr. Flaxman Low.
Flaxman Low is credited with being the first psychic detective of fiction. These twelve stories of his encounters with the abnormal, the occult, and the supernatural, were first published in Pearson’s Magazine in 1898 and 1899.


A Martian Odyssey by Stanley G. Weinbaum

A Martian Odyssey – Jarvis, on a scouting mission for the first expedition to explore Mars, finds himself shipwrecked and must walk back to his base. On his journey he meets a variety of new lifeforms. Much like a modern Odysseus, Jarvis must survive the unknown, the harsh climate, and the monsters that would devour him, on his quest to return to his base.


The Complete Chet Lacey by Robert Sidney Bowen

The Complete Chet Lacey – Eleven stories of the cases of Private Detective Chet Lacey. He finds murder, blackmail, and the seamy side of life even in the “nicest” parts of society.


The Worlds of IF by Stanley G. Weinbaum

The Worlds of IF – Professor Haskel van Manderpootz, is a supremely immodest genius who rates Albert Einstein as his equal (or slight inferior). These are the stories of his inventions as used by one of his much more mundane students in his quest to find true love.