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English Knife by Robert A. Garron

English Knife – Four Stories: A kidnapping for love, a ship full of Nazi spies, a robbery/homicide and a man who snapped. A full line-up of crime.


Early Stories by Edmond Hamilton

Early Stories by Edmond Hamilton – Four early stories from the fertile mind of the Father of World Destroying Space Opera.


Monkoto – Three Novelettes by Dan Cushman

Monkoto – Three novelettes about lust, thievery, voodoo, and murder in the middle of the African jungle.


Origins of the Partnership by Seabury Quinn

Origins of the Partnership – The backgrounds and origins of the greatest occult detective team – Dr. de Grandin and Dr. Trowbrige.


Stagecoach – Five Stories by Ernest Haycox

Five Western stories by Ernest Haycox including Stage to Lordsburg, made into the classic Western film Stagecoach directed by John Ford. This film starred Clare Trevor and introduced John Wayne in his first leading role.


The Narratives of Gregg Haljan by Ray Cummings

Two great early space opera novels, Brigands of the Moon (1930), and its sequel, Wandl, the Invader (1932) in which Gregg Haljan saves the world first from space pirates and then from space invaders.


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