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scifi02 Welcome to the Pulp Fiction Book StoreRocket into outer space in search of the mysteries of the universe…

Chase space pirates from the farthest ends of the galaxy, or observe the oddest occurrences just down the street. Make first contact with new alien species or ponder your existence as a sentient robot. . . . Science Fiction

westerns01 Welcome to the Pulp Fiction Book StoreRide the range on the trail of low-down cattle rustlers…

Men with honor. Women with courage. Snakes, not all of which are reptiles. Ride the range, and roundup the cattle —and the rustlers. And survive the unforgiving deserts. . . . Westerns

crime01 Welcome to the Pulp Fiction Book StoreSmash the crime sprees of vicious criminals…

Murderers or kidnappers, con men or common thieves, preying on the good and decent people of society. They have to be brought to justice. Prison, or something more final. . . . Crime Fiction

horror01 Welcome to the Pulp Fiction Book StoreBrave haunted mansions to destroy vampires…

Monsters of the deep, zombies from the jungle, werewolves and vampires roaming the most urbane of cities. Gruesome physical deaths and psychic murders. Beware the night. . . . Fantasy & Horror

Welcome to the Pulp Fiction Book Store. . .

. . . where you’ll find some of the greatest Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure and Western stories from the Golden Age of the Pulp Fiction magazines.

You’ll find stories from some of the greatest Pulp Fiction authors including: Edgar Rice Burroughs, H.P. Lovecraft, Hapsburg Liebe, Robert E. Howard, Johnston McCulley, Edmond Hamilton, Walt Coburn, Harold Q. Masur, E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith, Eando Binder, Clark Ashton Smith, Norman A. Daniels, and many more.

We convert these great stories into eBooks, complete with all of the original illustrations, for you to read on your phone, tablet or eReader. All of our eBooks are in the .epub format for all eReaders.