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Georges Surdez was born at Bienne, Switzerland, in 1900, of French stock, with some Spanish blood. Educated in public schools of Switzerland and France, he made his first trip to America at thirteen, and went to school in New York. At seventeen he was with the Powder Bureau of the French High Commission to the United States, under Captain Valabregue. A year later he went to Africa, and has since made many journeys through French Africa, from Morocco to Congo, with long stays in Senegal, the Ivory Coast, the Sudan and Algeria.

He is now married and settled in the U.S.A., writing magazine stories, and novels—“The Demon Caravan,” “Sword of the Sudan,” “They March from Yesterday” —published in both England and America.

He has made a particular Study of the French Foreign Legion—has visited headquarters of every regiment, many outposts of the Atlas, Sahel and Sahara.

From Blue Book Stories of Adventure for MEN, by MEN Volume 73, No. 5, September 1941

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About Georges Surdez
A brief biography of Georges Surdez taken from Blue Book Stories of Adventure for MEN, by MEN, September 1941.
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