Poseidonis by Clark Ashton Smith

Poseidonis – Five stories concerning the end of the civilization of Atlantis, a land of powerful wizards yet not powerful enough to stave off the death of that once mighty realm. Poseidonis is the last remnant of the lost continent.


The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A manuscript is found that details the adventures of an American passenger whose ship is sunk by a U-boat in 1916, and ultimately finds himself on an island roamed by dinosaurs and cavemen. Burroughs’ working title for this novel was “The Lost U-Boat.”


The Treasure of Atlantis by J. Allan Dunn

The Treasure of Atlantis – A dying man, a hunter of rare orchids, returns from an expedition to Brazil and tells Stanley Morse of visions of a lost city deep in the jungles near the headwaters of the Amazon. Could it be the fabled city of Atlantis?


The Moon Pool by A. Merritt

The Moon Pool – In the middle of the South Pacific, among the islands of Polynesia, there is a lost world under the earth’s surface, home to the evil Shining One and its acolytes. A party of archeologists stumble upon this lost land and must fight to save their own world on the earth’s surface.


I Found Cleopatra by Thomas P. Kelley

Brian O’Hara, young two-fisted American lawyer, has inherited the ancient Egyptian scroll which tells that the body of the great Queen Cleopatra lies in the heart of a mountain in the innermost part of the Sahara Desert — “not dead, but sleeping.”