Professor Jameson’s Adventures in the Universe Vol.1 by Neil R. Jones

Professor Jameson’s Adventures in the Universe Vol.1 – Forty million years after his death, Professor Jameson’s brain is reanimated and placed into a mechanical body. His adventures in his second, immortal life take him across the universe.


Early Stories by Edmond Hamilton

Early Stories by Edmond Hamilton – Four early stories from the fertile mind of the Father of World Destroying Space Opera.

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Beyond the End of Space by John W. Campbell Jr.

Beyond the End of Space – Two short novels that warn how great inventions can be stolen and used by unscrupulous power brokers to enrich only themselves and control the world.


The Lanson Screen and Other Stories by Arthur Leo Zagat

The Lanson Screen and Other Stories – Four stories of conflict, war, espionage, and the end of the world.


A Martian Odyssey by Stanley G. Weinbaum

A Martian Odyssey – Jarvis, on a scouting mission for the first expedition to explore Mars, finds himself shipwrecked and must walk back to his base. On his journey he meets a variety of new lifeforms. Much like a modern Odysseus, Jarvis must survive the unknown, the harsh climate, and the monsters that would devour him, on his quest to return to his base.


The Worlds of IF by Stanley G. Weinbaum

The Worlds of IF – Professor Haskel van Manderpootz, is a supremely immodest genius who rates Albert Einstein as his equal (or slight inferior). These are the stories of his inventions as used by one of his much more mundane students in his quest to find true love.


X-87: Five Stories by Ray Cummings

X-87 – Five stories by Ray Cummings from the early 1940s. These science fiction stories reflect the shock and fear of the reality of the early years of World War II.


Early Stories by Fletcher Pratt

Early science fiction stories and collaborations by Fletcher Pratt.


The Horrors of Mars by Clark Ashton Smith

The Horrors of Mars – Four stories with two alternate versions about the horrors to be found on Mars, the Red Planet, by Clark Ashton Smith.


The Onslaught From Rigel by Fletcher Pratt

The Onslaught From Rigel – When they went to bed that night it was mid-winter. When they woke it was the spring and their bodies had been turned into metal. They were the lucky ones.


Spacehounds of IPC by Edward E. Smith

Spacehounds of IPC – When a space liner is crippled and hijacked by aliens, two survivors of the attack make their way to Ganymede where they set up a base to regain their freedom. This results in an interplanetary war.


The Exile of Time by Ray Cummings

The Exile of Time – Time traveling robots go back to 1935 New York City and destroy it, killing thousands. The chase to get the evil one behind the destruction takes our heroes both to the beginning and the end of time on earth.