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Welcome to The Pulp Fiction Book Store!

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Whether it’s Sci-Fi, Mysteries, Westerns, Fantasy, or other kinds of Adventures, the Pulp Fiction Book Store has the exciting tales of imagination you’ve been looking for.

All of these stories are in the Public Domain but most are very difficult to find in a readable format. The original magazines are becoming increasingly harder to find, as they have become collectibles and can command sky high prices. That’s great for collectors of the original magazines, but what if you just want to read the stories? What if you just want to be entertained without becoming a collector? We’ve seen the stories passed around as photocopies or at best as .pdfs. However, those are not very good solutions for most readers.

We’ve taken these wonderful exciting stories and reformatted them so they’re in both .epub and .mobi formats. You can read them on any eReader device or software you use on your phone, tablet or computer. We have not edited the content in any way but we have reformatted them to make them easier to read. And of course, these stories just wouldn’t be the same without those really great illustrations they were published with! We’ve lovingly reproduced them both on the covers and inside the eBooks.

About our Editing Process:
As you might expect,  we do a lot of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) work with the original magazines. (By “we” we mean our good friends at who produce our ebooks.) We take the raw OCRs and proofread them repeatedly before we compile them into a finished ebook and release them to you. Here is an example of a raw OCR versus a proofed passage:

junkText Welcome to The Pulp Fiction Book Store

afterEdit Welcome to The Pulp Fiction Book Store

This passage is a footnote from the book Son of the Stars by Eando Binder. This is an extreme example of the disaster that an unedited OCR can turn into, but it’s not by any means the only mangled passage we’ve cleaned up. We have tried very hard to clean every typo and misread before the book gets to you. However, if we’ve missed something and left typos in a story, please let us know so we can correct it. We want your reading experience of these tales to be as enjoyable as possible.

About Copyright and Public Domain:
We make every effort to assure that all of the stories we publish here are in the Public Domain. We research both the magazine the story is found in and then we research the story itself to make sure there are no copyright claims on it. We publish these stories in all good faith that they are copyright free. However, we are only human and we can make mistakes. If you own the copyright to a story, please contact us HERE as soon as possible. We will happily remove that story immediately.

So with all that having been said, please sit back, relax and enjoy a good book!



Mr. Pulp

About the author: Born a long time ago, I developed a love for Pulp Fiction as a young whipper-snapper. Whether it was riding rocket ships to Mars or tracking down the cruelest of killers, I always rooted for the hero to get the girl in the end. I found that a lot of my favorite pulp fiction stories, mysteries, sci-fi and adventure had gone out of print and also into the public domain, so like any bright young enterprising lover of cattle rustlers, robot armies and insidious villains, I decided to make the universe safe for my pulp fiction heroes of yore and republish them. I have since opened up the PulpFictionBook.Store to bring some of my old friends back to light.

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