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Mission: Murder – Four Stories by John D. MacDonald

Mission: Murder – Conspiracy, theft, murder and the love of a good woman are the key ingredients to these stories by John D. MacDonald


Dynamite – Five Stories by J. Lane Linklater

Dynamite – Five Stories by J. Lane Linklater – Murder, kidnapping, and blackmail, on the high seas, in a private mountain compound, in the middle of the city. There’s always a crook who wants whatever he (or she) can take, and is willing to kill to get it.


I’m a Dead Man – Four Stories by W.T. Ballard

I’m a Dead Man – Four novelettes of murders committed to cover up fraud and to exact revenge. But as smart as the murderers think they are, they always make a mistake.


Early Stories by Edmond Hamilton

Early Stories by Edmond Hamilton – Four early stories from the fertile mind of the Father of World Destroying Space Opera.


Monkoto – Three Novelettes by Dan Cushman

Monkoto – Three novelettes about lust, thievery, voodoo, and murder in the middle of the African jungle.


The Vengeance of the Dead and Other Stories by Eli Colter

The Vengeance of the Dead and Other Stories – Five stories of horror, reincarnation, monsters and redemption by Eli Colter.


Bonanza by William MacLeod Raine

Bonanza: A Story of the Gold Trail – The story of the gold and silver rushes in Nevada are told through the characters of two pairs of brothers and a pair of sisters. Honor and greed are the backdrops for love and murder in this novel of the West.


Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan of the Apes – The story of Tarzan, born of man, who becomes the King of the Apes, and who must find his humanity again.


The Continental Op -1925-26 by Dashiell Hammett

The Continental Op -1925-26 – The seven Continental Op stories that Dashiell Hammett wrote during 1925 and 1926 for The Black Mask magazine.


The same evening I learned that they led away three Numbers, although nobody speaks out loud about that, or about anything that happened. This ostensible silence is due to the educational influence of the Guardians who are ever present among us. Conversations deal chiefly with the quick fall of the barometer and the forthcoming change in the weather.