Sinister Barrier by Eric Frank Russell

Sinister Barrier – Charles Fort said, “I think we’re property.” And that is the plot of ‘Sinister Barrier.’


Planet of the Damned by Jack Vance

Planet of the Damned – Roy Barch is captured and taken off of Earth to serve as a slave laborer on a prison planet. Barch is going to do everything he can to get back to Earth, one way or another.

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The Moon Trilogy by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Moon Trilogy is a three-part story that begins with a tale of space travel and reincarnation, becomes a tale of military dictatorship, and ends with a second American Revolution.


X-87: Five Stories by Ray Cummings

X-87 – Five stories by Ray Cummings from the early 1940s. These science fiction stories reflect the shock and fear of the reality of the early years of World War II.


The Troyana Series by Capt. S.P. Meek

The Troyana Series is two novels, The Drums of Tapajos (1930) and Troyana (1932) written by Capt. S.P. Meek. Explorers probe the Amazon and find a lost city, the remnants of lost civilizations.


Troyana by Capt. S.P. Meek

Troyana – The second of the “Troyana” series, Nankivell brings the adventurers back to Troyana to save it from a rebellion by the black robed Atlanteans.


Lost Ships by Leigh Brackett

Lost Ships – Three classic science fiction novelettes by Leigh Brackett, known as the Queen of Space Opera. Outpost on Io, The Citadel Of Lost Ships, Last Call For Sector 9G


Venhez by Nictzin Dyalhis

Venhez is a pair of novelettes by Nictzin Dyalhis. Evil beings from the dark side of the Moun, able to control minds, attack Aerth. The men of Venhez must destroy them before they conquer the other inhabited worlds of the Planetary Chain.


The Ship of Ishtar by A. Merritt

The Ship of Ishtar – John Kenton experiences eternity in one night when he becomes a pawn in the cosmic struggle between the Babylonian gods Nergal, the Destroyer, the Lord of Death, and Ishtar, the Mother, Goddess of Life.


King’s Ransom – Three Stories by Robert Carse

King’s Ransom – Three Stories by Robert Carse
Haiti, the Caribbean, slave revolts, rum and voodoo; these are the elements that Robert Carse weaves his stories around in King’s Ransom.


STARK – Man Without a Tribe by Leigh Brackett

Eric John Stark was born on Mercury to miners who died in a cave-in. He was brought up by Mercurian aborigines and given the name N’Chaka, meaning “the man without a tribe”. Stark grew up to become a wanderer, a warrior, a rebel, and ultimately a legend.