Curse of the Crimson Horde by Brant House

Curse of the Crimson Horde – Secret Agent X — man of a thousand faces and conqueror of kings of crime — found himself parried by the ageless weapons and black magic of the Far East.


The Spectral Strangler by Brant House

The Spectral Strangler – Silent, horrible as the crushing coils of a serpent were those unseen fingers that blotted out men’s lives. A criminal of satanic proportions had risen —the “Black Master,” whose victims fell with livid, hideous faces and protruding tongues that seemed a ghastly mockery of the fate they had suffered. Along this terrible murder trail Secret Agent “X” gambled with the Dice of Death.


Legion of the Living Dead by Brant House

Legion of the Living Dead – From nowhere hurtled that black death car. And from nowhere came its grisly occupants. They were not of the earth, for their human flesh was immune to bullets. They were not of the grave, for they manned the wheel and a blasting machine gun.


Curse of the Mandarin’s Fan by Brant House

Curse of the Mandarin’s Fan – Chang was the lord of the Chinese underworld and Lim Toy was the goddess of the opium dens. Secret Agent X had no choice but to descend into the catacombs of the dragon.


The Golden Ghoul by Brant House

The Golden Ghoul – Secret Agent “X’s” far-flung, crime-crushing organization brought him whisperings of a fiend who meted out a death worse than death— a monster who called himself the Ghoul.


Octopus of Crime by Brant House

Octopus Of Crime – A monstrous octopus of evil gained slow power over the underworld. His identity as mysterious as that of Secret Agent “X” himself, this apostle of wickedness led the horror hordes of the nation into a bloody carnival of crime