Darkside – Five Stories by Leigh Brackett

Darkside – From Mercury to Ganymede, life wants to survive. In whatever form it takes, in whatever form it is made in, human, alien, demi-god, android, life wants to survive. Five stories of some of the life-forms in Leigh Brackett’s universe.


Gunsmoke Years by Gunnison Steele

A double-crossing partner that abandons a man to the wolves; gamblers playing poker with a woman and a ranch as the stakes; an outlaw and the sheriff that put him away thirty years before, band together to rid a town of corruption. These are some of the stories in Gunsmoke Years.


The Dead-Line by W.C. Tuttle

The Dead-Line – Hashknife Hartley and Sleepy Stevens are accidentally caught in the middle when a range war develops between cattlemen and shepherds.


Vaquero Guns by Jackson Cole

Vaquero Guns – Jim Hatfield of the Rangers Fights a Sidewinder Who Plans to Ruin a Vast Empire of the Old Southwest


Hopalong Cassidy by Clarence E. Mulford

Hopalong Cassidy – The scheme was simple: start a range war between two outfits and rustle their cattle while they were otherwise occupied. And it would have succeeded with any other outfit than the Bar-20.


Over the Northern Border by George Owen Baxter

Over the Northern Border – A man sacrifices himself by going on the run twice to protect and preserve the happiness of two other couples.


Good Men And Bad & Other Stories by Harry Sinclair Drago

Good Men and Bad men, cheating, gambling, murder and honor or the lack of it, in the old West.


Gunmen of Glory by Clarence E. Mulford

Gunmen of Glory by Clarence E. Mulford – The Kid, sick and desperate, stumbles upon Hopalong Cassidy and tells him the gruesome story of his wife’s murder by Big Henry’s outlaw gang. Hopalong un-limbers his six-shooter and sets out to clean things up.