Beyond the End of Space by John W. Campbell Jr.

Beyond the End of Space – Two short novels that warn how great inventions can be stolen and used by unscrupulous power brokers to enrich only themselves and control the world.


The Restless Hands by Bruno Fischer

The Restless Hands – Rebecca Sprague was a beautiful girl but the very fact of her beauty brought death and terror. Beneath the the serenity of Hessian Valley lurks the mysterious strangler with eager fingers.


M Is For Murder by Roger Torrey

M Is For Murder by Roger Torrey – three stories of crime, corruption and murder by a master of hard-boiled crime fiction: Justice Borrows Bullets (1937), Gun Trap for a Money-Killer (1938), and M Stands For Murder (1944)


Octopus of Crime by Brant House

Octopus Of Crime (SAX,6) – A monstrous octopus of evil gained slow power over the underworld. His identity as mysterious as that of Secret Agent “X” himself, this apostle of wickedness led the horror hordes of the nation into a bloody carnival of crime


Men Of Treason by C.K.M. Scanlon

Men Of Treason – Dan Fowler, Ace of the F.B.I. Battles to Blow the Lid Off a Racket That Threatens Our Nation’s War Effort—and Teaches Traitors Who Gamble on American Lives that Justice Holds the Trump Hand!

It’s 1943, the middle of World War II. When a Captain in the Army is murdered by gamblers who control a mining town, FBI Special Agent Dan Fowler is called in to bring justice to the war profiteers.


School For Murder by C.K.M. Scanlon

School For Murder – Special Agent Dan Fowler takes a lesson in Death from the Masked Dean’s course in crime—while Murder and Pillage, smashing through state lines on a rampage of wholesale lawlessness, cringe from the onslaught of the G-Men…