The Curse of Phari by Edmund Snell

The Curse of Phari – The looting of the treasure of a mummified ruler of a long dead Egypt, brought strange and dramatic adventures to a certain young man and others in modern London.


The Hour of the Dragon by Robert E. Howard

The Hour of the Dragon – A stirring story about a barbarian adventurer who made himself a king, and the strange talismanic jewel, known as the Heart of Ahriman which brings a long dead necromancer back to life.


Lord of the Lamia by Otis Adelbert Kline

Lord of the Lamia – An American archeologist faces a weird and deadly mythic ancient creature in the eons-old city of Cairo. Modern day thieves wish to control it but somehow he becomes the Lord of the Lamia.


Witch-House and Other Stories by Seabury Quinn

Witch-House – From the occult casebook of Jules de Grandin: A mummy determined to come back to life, a ghost haunting her widower’s new wife, and a witches’ familiar exacting revenge 300 hundred years after the witch was drowned.


The Jeweled Ibis by J.C. Kofoed

The Jeweled Ibis by J.C. Kofoed – sailor Dave Hudson gets mixed up in a quest to find the elixir that will bring an ancient Egyptian prophetess back to life. Pursued by the priests of the Theban Zeus, the quest takes him from Alexandria, Egypt to London, back to Alexandria and then out into the desert to a hidden pyramid on the high plateau.