Darkside – Five Stories by Leigh Brackett

Darkside – From Mercury to Ganymede, life wants to survive. In whatever form it takes, in whatever form it is made in, human, alien, demi-god, android, life wants to survive. Five stories of some of the life-forms in Leigh Brackett’s universe.


Real Ghost Stories by E. and H. Heron

Real Ghost Stories –  The Supernatural Experiences of Mr. Flaxman Low.
Flaxman Low is credited with being the first psychic detective of fiction. These twelve stories of his encounters with the abnormal, the occult, and the supernatural, were first published in Pearson’s Magazine in 1898 and 1899.


Venhez by Nictzin Dyalhis

Venhez is a pair of novelettes by Nictzin Dyalhis. Evil beings from the dark side of the Moun, able to control minds, attack Aerth. The men of Venhez must destroy them before they conquer the other inhabited worlds of the Planetary Chain.