Cosmos – A Serial Novel

Cosmos was the biggest round-robin project of the classic pulp fiction era. Eighteen authors collaborated to create this massive seventeen chapter novel about interstellar and inter-dimensional conquest.


The Narratives of Gregg Haljan by Ray Cummings

Two great early space opera novels, Brigands of the Moon (1930), and its sequel, Wandl, the Invader (1932) in which Gregg Haljan saves the world first from space pirates and then from space invaders.

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Wandl, the Invader by Ray Cummings

In this sequel to “Brigands of the Moon”, Gregg Haljan tries to save the Earth, Mars and Venus from being destroyed by the giant brains of the planet Wandl.


A Million Years In The Future by Thomas P. Kelley

A Million Years In The Future – a thrilling interplanetary story of Jan, the last man on Earth; Tara the Glorious, Queen of the Stars; the Wolves of Worra, the Nine Terrible Sisters, and the Black Raiders, destroyers of a thousand planets.


Skylark Three by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith

Skylark Three by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith is the second book of the classic Skylark trilogy. Skylark Three is “the tale of the galactic cruise which ushered in Universal Civilization.”