Bet On Murder – Three Stories by Roger Torrey

Bet On Murder – Three stories of kidnapping, murder, frame-ups, greed and espionage on the World War II home front.


The Return of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Return of Tarzan – After giving up the love of his life, Jane Porter, to his cousin William Cecil Clayton, Tarzan returns to Paris and through a series of occurrences, thence back to Africa.


X-87: Five Stories by Ray Cummings

X-87 – Five stories by Ray Cummings from the early 1940s. These science fiction stories reflect the shock and fear of the reality of the early years of World War II.


Murder Calls The Tune by W.T. Ballard

Murder Calls The Tune – Four novelettes about life on the home front during World War II including sabotage, refugees, fraud, espionage, treason and murder.


My Brother’s Widow by John D. MacDonald

My Brother’s Widow – For four years Gevan Dean was in self-imposed exile from his family business, the business he had run until his brother stole his fiancee. Now his brother had been murdered and Gevan needed to know why.


Dig It Deep – Four Crime Stories by David X. Manners

Dig It Deep – Four Crime Stories by David X. Manners (1912-2007) features danger and death at every turn.