Planet of the Damned by Jack Vance

Planet of the Damned – Roy Barch is captured and taken off of Earth to serve as a slave laborer on a prison planet. Barch is going to do everything he can to get back to Earth, one way or another.

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The Moon Trilogy by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Moon Trilogy is a three-part story that begins with a tale of space travel and reincarnation, becomes a tale of military dictatorship, and ends with a second American Revolution.


Beyond the End of Space by John W. Campbell Jr.

Beyond the End of Space – Two short novels that warn how great inventions can be stolen and used by unscrupulous power brokers to enrich only themselves and control the world.


City of the Living Dead & The Long View by Fletcher Pratt & Laurence Manning

The City of the Living Dead – Civilizations are messy things. Everyone has their own ideas on how to run them. How do you go about building a Utopia? Who should run them? Politicians? Scientists? Psychologists? Artists? And what do you do with a civilization when you are running it?