Enslaved Brains by Eando Binder

Enslaved Brains is a tale of humanity rising against the Cult of the Scientists.


The Leopard Man and Other Stories by Perley Poore Sheehan

The Leopard Man and Other Stories – Three stories of magic, mysticism, mystery, and the strange unexplainable things that happen in some of the remote corners of the world.


The Garden of Eden by Max Brand

The Garden of Eden – Ben Conner, gambler on the horses, has come to Lukin to find some peace and quiet. But almost the first thing he finds in this remote high desert community is a horse race.


Cosmos – A Serial Novel

Cosmos was the biggest round-robin project of the classic pulp fiction era. Eighteen authors collaborated to create this massive seventeen chapter novel about interstellar and inter-dimensional conquest.


Time Quarry by Clifford D. Simak

Time Quarry – In the 80th century, an astronaut, presumed lost for twenty years, returns to Earth. However, a time traveler comes back from the future and tries to have him killed before he can write a book and spread dangerously subversive beliefs.


Early Stories by Edmond Hamilton

Early Stories by Edmond Hamilton – Four early stories from the fertile mind of the Father of World Destroying Space Opera.

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Beyond the End of Space by John W. Campbell Jr.

Beyond the End of Space – Two short novels that warn how great inventions can be stolen and used by unscrupulous power brokers to enrich only themselves and control the world.


The Black Jarl by Johnston McCulley

The Black Jarl – A Viking Jarl, son of a Jarl, comes home to the land of the Norse in the time when the Gods of Valhalla fight against the God of the Cross. This Jarl, viewed with suspicion, marked for assassination, must prove himself worthy to inherit his father’s domains.


Through the Andes by A. Hyatt Verrill

Through the Andes – Three men and their two retainers go on an archeolgical expedition into the Andes. There they find a lost civilization.


The Gargoyle by Greye La Spina

The Gargoyle – A Novel of Devil Worship


The Coast of Shadows – Five Stories by Perley Poore Sheehan

The Coast of Shadows – Five stories of tragedies, shipwrecks, executions, loss of life and the afterlife beyond this mortal coil.


The Eye of Balamok by Victor Rousseau

The Eye of Balamok – Dying of thirst in the Great Victoria Desert of Australia, a man finds a small hut built of stone next to a small fresh water spring. Inside the hut he finds a manuscript from an earlier traveler.