The Adventures of a Professional Corpse by H. Bedford-Jones

The Adventures of a Professional Corpse – four stories of a man who will die for you —for a fee. There’s good money in dying. It is surprising how many people can make use of a dead man.


At Captain Michel’s Table by Gaston Leroux

Every evening, five old skippers smelling of the sea would gather At Captain Michel’s Table at the old Ship-and-Anchor Cafe in Toulon to enjoy their aperative and to tell each other macabre stories of blood and horror.


The Narratives of Gregg Haljan by Ray Cummings

Two great early space opera novels, Brigands of the Moon (1930), and its sequel, Wandl, the Invader (1932) in which Gregg Haljan saves the world first from space pirates and then from space invaders.


Venhez by Nictzin Dyalhis

Venhez is a pair of novelettes by Nictzin Dyalhis. Evil beings from the dark side of the Moun, able to control minds, attack Aerth. The men of Venhez must destroy them before they conquer the other inhabited worlds of the Planetary Chain.


Beyond the Aurora by Ed Earl Repp

Beyond The Aurora is a set of two short serials by Ed Earl Repp. The Captain Wollack serial includes The Invisible Raiders and Beyond The Aurora. The James Dowell serial includes The Radium Pool and The Metal World. All four of these stories are from 1929.


Poseidonis by Clark Ashton Smith

Poseidonis – Five stories concerning the end of the civilization of Atlantis, a land of powerful wizards yet not powerful enough to stave off the death of that once mighty realm. Poseidonis is the last remnant of the lost continent.


The Complete Hawk Carse by Anthony Gilmore

The complete saga of Hawk Carse as he battles the evil genius Dr. Ku Sui. Carse pits decisive action against Ku Sui’s henchmen as well as his cabinet of disembodied brains in the fight to preserve the solar system.


Hollywood On The Moon by Henry Kuttner

Hollywood On The Moon features Tony Quade, ace cameraman for Nine Planets Films, Inc., as he travels throughout the Solar System in order to film some of the biggest movies ever made. Surrounded by stars and moguls he has a glamourous lifestyle and a brilliant career as long as he doesn’t get eaten by one of the monsters he encounters during his productions.


The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A manuscript is found that details the adventures of an American passenger whose ship is sunk by a U-boat in 1916, and ultimately finds himself on an island roamed by dinosaurs and cavemen. Burroughs’ working title for this novel was “The Lost U-Boat.”


The City of Singing Flame by Clark Ashton Smith

The City of Singing Flame by Clark Ashton Smith – two stories of adventure into parallel universes. Despite its weird beauty, and its function as a portal to the Inner Dimension, the Singing Flame of Ydmos must be destroyed.


The Skylark Trilogy by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith

The Skylark Trilogy includes all three classic science fiction books “The Skylark of Space,” “Skylark Three” and “The Skylark of Valeron” by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith.


Dawn of Flame & The Black Flame by Stanley G. Weinbaum

What price love? What price immortality? There’s a revolution brewing when Thomas Conner wakes after hundreds of years in the grave. Mortals versus immortals, the Weeds versus the Master, and Conner, by virtue of his resurrection, lands right in the middle of it.