The Brain Thief – Four Stories by Seabury Quinn

The Brain Thief – From countering the insidious effects of forced hypnotism to mitigating the consequences of robbing a lamasery, Jules de Grandin must step into the fray with the powers of the occult.


Pobby and Other Stories by Jane Rice

Pobby and Other Stories – From the Salem Witch Trials to a drowned man’s revenge and a man-eating plant, Jane Rice finds a macabre humor in some horrific stories.


The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers

The King In Yellow alludes to a fictional drama that drives men mad. The play describes a Yellow King that exists beyond the bounds of space and time and that malevolently toys with and destroys human lives.


Dr. Ivan Brodsky, Surgeon of Souls by Victor Rousseau

Lost and broken souls come to Dr. Ivan Brodsky and he does what he must to repair them. Many souls haunt the living, attempting to return to the land of the living. Some souls are confused, some are angry, some refuse to go back to the eternal plain. Dr. Ivan Brodsky helps such souls to their destinies.


The Dream Quest of Randolph Carter by H.P. Lovecraft

The Dream Quest of Randolph Carter by H.P. Lovecraft – These five stories take Carter backwards and forwards through time, across outer space, and across a number of dimensions.


Wolves of Darkness – Two Novelettes by Jack Williamson

Wolves of Darkness – Two novelettes of horror – horror from other men, horror from the world around, and even horror imposed from other dimensions of the universe.


Real Ghost Stories by E. and H. Heron

Real Ghost Stories –  The Supernatural Experiences of Mr. Flaxman Low.
Flaxman Low is credited with being the first psychic detective of fiction. These twelve stories of his encounters with the abnormal, the occult, and the supernatural, were first published in Pearson’s Magazine in 1898 and 1899.


Beyond the Veil of Time by B.H. Barney

Beyond the Veil of Time is famous for being a plagiarization of A. Merritt’s “The Face in the Abyss.” The author, B.H. Barney, is not known to have written anything else.

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The Vengeance of the Dead and Other Stories by Eli Colter

The Vengeance of the Dead and Other Stories – Five stories of horror, reincarnation, monsters and redemption by Eli Colter.


Citadel of Fear by Francis Stevens

Citadel of Fear – Two men explore in Mexico for gold. One is thankful to leave with his life. The other, left behind to die, finds evil incarnate— Aztec hounds turned loose on the modern world.


The Gargoyle by Greye La Spina

The Gargoyle – A Novel of Devil Worship


The Hashish Eater -or- The Apocalypse of Evil by Clark Ashton Smith

The Hashish Eater -or- The Apocalypse of Evil – The epic poem in blank verse that brought Clark Ashton Smith fame and led to his acquaintance with H.P. Lovecraft.