Dr. Ivan Brodsky, Surgeon of Souls by Victor Rousseau

Lost and broken souls come to Dr. Ivan Brodsky and he does what he must to repair them. Many souls haunt the living, attempting to return to the land of the living. Some souls are confused, some are angry, some refuse to go back to the eternal plain. Dr. Ivan Brodsky helps such souls to their destinies.


The Eye of Balamok by Victor Rousseau

The Eye of Balamok – Dying of thirst in the Great Victoria Desert of Australia, a man finds a small hut built of stone next to a small fresh water spring. Inside the hut he finds a manuscript from an earlier traveler.


The Phantom Hand by Victor Rousseau

The Phantom Hand – Don Wenworth, aided by Sudh Hafiz, a Babist priest, battles Godfrey Moore, power mad practitioner of black magic. An astounding novel of Black Magic, eery murders, and weird occult happenings occasioned by The Phantom Hand.