Mission: Murder – Four Stories by John D. MacDonald

Mission: Murder – Conspiracy, theft, murder and the love of a good woman are the key ingredients to these stories by John D. MacDonald


War Stories by John D. MacDonald

War Stories – a collection of four early stories by John D. MacDonald of private wars fought against the larger backdrop of World War II.


My Brother’s Widow by John D. MacDonald

My Brother’s Widow – For four years Gevan Dean was in self-imposed exile from his family business, the business he had run until his brother stole his fiancee. Now his brother had been murdered and Gevan needed to know why.


Flight of the Tiger by John D. MacDonald

Flight of the Tiger – After Ben Morrow was shot down in the last week of Korean fighting, his self-confidence was shaken; he felt he could never fly again. Months later, after recovering in the hospital, Ben was sent back to the States on a thirty-day leave. He went to visit Helen MacLane, widow of his best friend, only to find that she was on the run from killers…. Ben tried to find Helen but he was being stalked by the killers, and they knew he would lead them straight to her.