The Bounty Hunters by William L. Hopson

The Bounty Hunters – Charley Cogin had plans for the murderer of his sister—plans which included an ant hill, a burning sun, and the privilege of watching an enemy die inch by inch! The rest just think there’s a bounty on Wallace’s head and their greed blinds them to the Mexican bandits and the Apaches they are sure to face.


Cowpoke Justice by William L. Hopson

Dud Hardin was coming home to the Montana range country with thirty thousand dollars and a thousand head of cattle acquired along the Rio Grande. And the bitterness of fifteen years rolled away from the salty rannihan as he thought of seeing his father once more. But his father had been murdered and Dud needed to dispense some Cowpoke Justice.


South To Chihuahua by William L. Hopson

South To Chihuahua is historical fiction of Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution. Mexico had become a hotbed of action, and when these men marched south things began to pop that would make history. This was war. This was Revolucion!