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Adam Link: Robot Vol. 3 by Eando Binder

Adam Link: Robot Vol. 3 by Eando Binder

(Adam Link, 8-10)

Adam Link: Robot Vol. 3 is the final volume in the Adam Link saga.

Book Details

Book Details

Adam Link: Robot Vol. 3 is the final volume in the Adam Link saga.

Adam Link in the Past – Adam Link was convinced that Thor, the Norse god, was a robot like himself. So he built a time-ship and hurled Eve and himself into the past to find him.
Chapter I
Chapter II – A Search Through Time
Chapter III – One Hundred Million B.C.
Chapter IV – Asgard at Last!
Chapter V – Adam Rescues Iduna
Chapter VI – The Frost Giants Attack
Chapter VII – In Defiance of Time
Chapter VIII – A Bride for a Giant
Chapter IX – Adam Link, Giant Killer
Chapter X – Ragnarok!
Chapter XI – The Fall of Asgard

Adam Link Faces A Revolt – Fired with the idea of creating a Utopia, Adam Link built an amazing perfect city. But he found that it is quite possible for robots to be as imperfect as humans.
Chapter I
Chapter II – Utopia Begins
Chapter III – Atomic-power in Utopia
Chapter IV – Adam Link Gets a Medal
Chapter V – Trouble in Utopia
Chapter VI – Revolt in Utopia
Chapter VII – War in Utopia
Chapter VIII – Utopia Falls

Adam Link Saves the World – America is invaded by a great power. Can it be Nazi Germany? And if so, can Adam Link solve the menace of its incredible science?
Chapter I
Chapter II – The Enemy Is Revealed
Chapter III – Escape from Prison
Chapter IV – The Space Ship
Chapter V – Jailbreak
Chapter VI – Adam Link Joins the Aliens
Chapter VII – Battle in the Dome
Chapter VIII – Adam Link’s Reward

Eando Binder is the pen-name used by brothers, Earl Andrew Binder (1904-1965) and Otto Binder (1911-1974).

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Excerpt: Adam Link Saves the World

Chapter I

I,  Adam Link the robot, saved the earth!

You will find no slightest clue to this event, in any public source of information. Nor have I any proof. There are things buried in the most secret and guarded archives of nations and regimes that never see the light of history. This is one of them.

But yet, I saved the Earth and mankind. Saved them from a menace more deadly than any on record.

Fantastic statement! The mouthings of a brain twisted by delusions of grandeur, you say. A psychopathic case history. Opium works on robots as well as humans!

Let me tell the story. Judge for yourselves.

It began one warm July evening, three months ago. Eve and I were alone in our isolated Ozark “home,” talking over the crushing failure of our Utopia experiment. I felt dreary, soul-sick.

“Eve,” I was saying, “we’re done. We’re finished. Everything we’ve tried in the world of humans has failed. I give up.”

“Adam! Don’t say that. We’ll prove our worth yet—”

“No,” I grated. “We have no worth —except as a few dollars worth of mechanical parts. We’re intelligent robots, but we’re of no Earthly use whatsoever!” I repeated the bitter self-denouncement. “We’re of no Earthly use whatso—”

Interruption came, in the form of a knock at the door.

We started, looking at each other. Who was visiting us? Who had taken the winding, little-known road leading to our door? A pack of humans, perhaps, to once and for all rid Earth of robots?

“Don’t resist,” I told Eve. “I suppose it had to come to this—our extinction.”

I flung open the door. There was no pack. There was just one human —a man with hat pulled low, one hand resting in a pocket as though gripping a pistol. He gave me a glance, darted his eyes around the cabin, then stepped in. Back in the shadow was his car, in which he had arrived. He had an air of profound secrecy.

“Adam Link?” he asked quite unnecessarily. I cannot easily be mistaken for Clark Gable or any human.

“Yes. Who are you?”

For answer, he drew back the flap of his coat, displaying a small medallion whose inscription he explained.

Secret Service of the United States. I am Joe Trent, Operative Number 65. We want you, Adam Link!”

“Official lynching?” I hissed, and suddenly my brain smoked with rage. “Go! You humans won’t finish me off this easily. Go and come back with all your army. You’ll have to blast me out of the hills, if you want me!”

I would go down in Earth history as a one-man rebellion, holding off a mighty army for days and weeks. They couldn’t deny me that last flash of glory.

“You refuse?” the Secret Service man said.

I nodded grimly, waiting for him to threaten me with all the forces of the army, navy, and air corps.

Instead, his shoulders seemed to sag a little. His voice changed to pleading.

You don’t understand!” he cried. “We’re in trouble. Washington’s in trouble!”

I stared.

“In trouble? You mean you’ve come to ask my—help?”

He nodded eagerly.

“I’ve been sent here by the—”

Breaking off, he went to the door, peered out cautiously as though fearing eavesdroppers, then closed it carefully. He turned back. What was the need for all this elaborate secrecy?

“By the President himself!” he finished. “We need you, Adam Link. You’re our last hope. We’re stumped, and we’ve come to you as the last possibility to avert what may be catastrophe for our nation!

“Explain!” I demanded, half dazed.

First of all, I must swear you to utter secrecy. None of this must leak out to public channels. Have I your word?”

I nodded. At his hesitation, I added, “I never lie. That is a human trait.” He took that without argument, and went on in a rush.

The story is this. A month ago, a certain destroyer of the United States fleet passed San Domingo on routine patrol. San Domingo island is our possession, as you probably know. The captain saw a strange thing on the headland—a new fort!

“The fort had not been there a month before. It had not been commissioned by our government. Whose fort was it?”

“Obviously that of a foreign power,” I put in. “They sneaked it in right under your noses!”

The operative shook his head.

“Impossible. Our fleet has been on emergency patrol since the trouble in Europe started. It would take a whole convoy of supply ships to put up such a fort. No convoy could brazenly sneak through our tight neutrality patrol.”

“Then they dropped the material and men from the skies, by aircraft,” I said impatiently.

“That’s what we’re afraid of,” Joe Trent nodded. “Natives at the other side of the island reported seeing a great lighted ship come down one night. It meant that a foreign power had established a foothold in our hemisphere!”

“So what?” I snapped. It seemed so childish, these human doings. “Since you discovered the fort before they operated from it, it’s simply a matter of destroying it.”

“We tried,” Trent responded. “The destroyer shelled the fort, when it refused to answer by radio. We had the right. It’s our soil. The fort seemed unharmed. Other ships came, to try, including heavy cruisers. Eventually three battleships steamed there, and shelled it with the biggest guns known to naval science.”

He paused and went on in a whisper-

“Not one shell took effect. Not one chip was knocked off that fort!”

MY IMPATIENCE vanished. This was really something.

“You suspect what?” I asked.

“The New Weapon!” he groaned. “Or call it the New Defense. A certain foreign enemy—I need not name him—has established himself in an impregnable base from which to operate against us. Any day—blitzkrieg on America!”

Excerpt From: Eando Binder. “Adam Link: Robot Vol.3.”

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