Roger Torrey – Hard-boiled

Roger Torrey is not a name most people are familiar with. And yet his stories appeared in magazines like Black Mask, Detective Fiction Weekly, Dime Detective and other magazines repeatedly. Torrey the man was just as hard-boiled as his characters.

The Story of Laura

Otto Preminger adapted “Laura” into the hit movie starring Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews. The film version is considered a masterpiece of early noir and its theme became a jazz standard.

FREE! Three short stories by J.S. Endicott

Free! We’ve edited together three pulp fiction short detective stories by J.S. Endicott for you to enjoy. J.S. Endicott or John S. Endicott was a house name for the Standard Publications group of magazines. Many authors wrote under these names and it’s difficult to know exactly who actually penned any particular story. Nevertheless, we thank these …