We Published a Lot in April!

We were busy! We got five books published in April. We’re very pleased with these titles. First up:

MillionYearsFutureThumb We Published a Lot in April!

A Million Years In The Future by Thomas P. Kelley

A Million Years In The Future (1940) by Thomas P. Kelley is a thrilling interplanetary story of Jan, the last man on Earth; Tara the Glorious, Queen of the Stars; the Wolves of Worra, the Nine Terrible Sisters, and the Black Raiders, destroyers of a thousand planets. It was serialized in four parts in Weird Tales in 1940.

Thomas P. Kelley’s imagination is on full overdrive in this tale and we’re pleased to add it to The Kelley Collection. A Million Years In The Future is available HERE

WarriorQueenThumb We Published a Lot in April!

Warrior Queen of Attila’s Lost Legion by John Peter Drummond

Out of the past swept cruel Queen Tarma’s hun-horsemen, claiming Helene for sacrifice. And even lion-thewed Ki-Gor quailed before the swamp-beasts guarding Tarma’s dripping altars.

Ki-gor rejects a demand of marriage from Tarma, Queen of the Maldeans. The insulted Queen kidnaps Helene to be a human sacrifice in retaliation. Ki-Gor, Tembu George the Masai chief, and the Pygmy, N’Geeso track the raiders to a lost valley guarded by dinosaurs. Getting there through the barren desert was the easy part. Rescuing Helene and leaving the valley alive was something else again.

This is just a fun read. Warrior Queen of Attila’s Lost Legion is available HERE

AndAGunThumb We Published a Lot in April!

And A Gun by Robert Moore Williams

And A Gun – three Western stories of ambushes, gamblers and gunfights by Robert Moore Williams. Much better known as a science fiction writer, Robert Moore Williams (1907-1977) also wrote a number of Western stories.

Tascosa Partners (1946) – You can do a job right alone and still be alive afterwards if you’re smart enough. But a time may come when you’ll need help.

Rat Shoot (1953) – THE TOWN WAS A HOT SPOT where three states and their outlaws met—and the sheriff had to keep cool

“…And A Gun” (1946) – It’s a difficult thing to stand by while your ranch is being burned to the ground. When this happens you need faith, friends—and a gun. A seven chapter novelette.

And A Gun is available HERE

SingingFlameThumb We Published a Lot in April!

The Singing Flame by Clark Ashton Smith

The Singing Flame by Clark Ashton Smith – two stories of adventure into parallel universes. Despite its weird beauty, and its function as a portal to the Inner Dimension, the Singing Flame of Ydmos must be destroyed.

The City of Singing Flame (1931) – In the city of strange wonders, the lure of the flame drew them on and on . . . . destruction loomed ahead . . . .

Beyond The Singing Flame (1931) – Into the land where distance and time melted away, he saw the enemies of Ydmos destroy the Singing Flame . . . .

A surreal pair of tales from Clark Ashton Smith. The Singing Flame is available HERE

LetterDeathWroteThumb We Published a Lot in April!

The Letter Death Wrote and Other Stories by Bruno Fischer

Four hard-boiled stories of murder, blackmail, kidnapping and death by Bruno Fischer.

The Letter Death Wrote (1946) – When you try to help an old flame, don’t be surprised if you get burned.

A Grave Is Waiting (1952) – The lovely lady with the very red lips had a lovely proposition—to which any gentleman with guts would reply: Nuts!

Murder Turns the Curve (1948) – When Is An Accident Not An Accident?

Mind Your Own Murder (1945) – If you intend to meddle in other folk’s affairs, first be certain that they won’t resent it. No man has the right to hit a woman, Hagen thought. But what if the woman doesn’t object?

The Letter Death Wrote is available HERE

In Other News

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