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May Was A Great Month

May was a great month for us. We published six different ebooks and we really enjoyed putting them together. We’re sure you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we did.

CityLivingDeadThumb May Was A Great Month

City of the Living Dead & The Long View by Fletcher Pratt & Laurence Manning

The City of the Living Dead is the first exploration of the concept of virtual reality. What happens when an entire civilization lives their entire lives plugged into machines? This classic dystopian novelette from 1930 has been called the prefiguring story or the inspiration for the Matrix trilogy of films. The City of the Living Dead is a novelette in five chapters.

The Long View (1952) There was nothing to hold them together except knowing they might be the very last people on Uller — or, perhaps the first. A novel in thirteen chapters.

City of the Living Dead & The Long View is available HERE.

VoodooExpressThumb May Was A Great Month

Voodoo Express by Theodore Roscoe

Voodoo Express by Theodore Roscoe is a pair of novelettes about Haiti, voodoo, zombies, shrunken heads and drums – the incessant drumming from the hills that drives men mad.

The Little Doll Died (1940) – Haiti is a dark place where you may live for years and know less about it than when you came; where human relationships clash discordantly in the sinister tropic air; where people speak only in whispers of the zombies—those soulless creatures, the un-dead dead. And there a Leatherneck once saw a dead man rise. A novelette in ten chapters.

The Voodoo Express (1931) – The boom and echo of Haiti’s mountain drums worked in the blood of Conrad Yole, and made the legend of a ghost railroad come alive. A novelette in six chapters.

Voodoo Express is available HERE.

MaidMustangMesaThumb May Was A Great Month

Maid of Mustang Mesa by Syl MacDowell

Maid of Mustang Mesa – two Western novelettes by Syl MacDowell.

No Gals In Nogales (1936) – When the law deals a marked deck, Silverado Smith blasts the Dusty Frog and takes the owlhoot trail to vengeance! A novelette in four chapters.

Maid of Mustang Mesa (1937) – When Jake Kane Sashays Into the Loop M Ranch, He Brings Quick Gun Justice! Marfa Lamar Sides an Outlaw Maverick and Works a Miracle with Faith and Trust! Maid of Mustang Mesa is a novelette in eleven chapters.

Maid Of Mustang Mesa is available HERE.

StarKingsThumb May Was A Great Month

The Star Kings by Edmond Hamilton

The Star Kings is a classic science fiction novel from Edmond Hamilton. Prince Zarth Arn exchanges minds and bodies with John Gordon, 200,000 years in his past. Gordon finds he must impersonate Prince Zarth on the eve of interstellar war. And only one man knows the truth of his impersonation – the tyrant leader of the League of Dark Worlds.

The Star Kings – It’s certainly glamorous to be called a “king of the stars,” but when you get right down to it, it’s the hardest title to maintain in the universe!

The Star Kings is a full length space opera novel of twenty eight chapters and is available HERE.

murgunstrummThumb May Was A Great Month

Murgunstrumm by Hugh B. Cave

Can Paul Hill escape from the insane asylum? If he does he must return to the Gray Toad Inn and destroy Murgunstrumm and the vampires within. Ruth LeGeurn’s life depends upon it. Murgunstrumm is a classic vampire novel from 1932.

Murgunstrumm (1932) – Candle-lit and decayed is the Gray Toad Inn, where Murgunstrumm receives each lovely, unsuspecting guest.

Murgunstrumm is a short novel of twelve chapters and is available HERE.

DontMeddleWithMurderThumb May Was A Great Month

Don’t Meddle With Murder – Two Johnny Castle Novelettes by C.S. Montanye

Stolen jewels, double crosses and murder star in Don’t Meddle With Murder – Two Johnny Castle Novelettes.

This Murder’s On Me (1948) – When Johnny and his heart-throb Libby see the shooting of Mrs. Haviland, it puts them in line for death, with only one out—to solve the mystery and nab the killer!

Don’t Meddle With Murder (1946) – The sports-reporter sleuth keeps up with his reading—and smashes into fast action when he spots a clue to crime between the lines!

Don’t Meddle With Murder is available HERE.

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