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June & July Were Busy

June and July were busy months for us. We were able publish seven different ebooks, a couple of which we REALLY enjoyed. We’re sure you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we did.

TreasureOfAtlantisThumb June & July Were Busy

The Treasure of Atlantis by J. Allan Dunn

A dying man, a hunter of rare orchids, returns from an expedition to Brazil and tells Stanley Morse of visions of a lost city deep in the jungles near the headwaters of the Amazon. And what of the golden vase, eminently Minoan, brought back from the heart of the Brazilian jungle? Was it just a fluke? Or could it be from the fabled city of Atlantis?   The Treasure of Atlantis by J. Allan Dunn was first published in 1916. It is available HERE.

South2ChihuahuaThumb June & July Were Busy

South To Chihuahua by William L. Hopson

Mexico had become a hotbed of action, and when these men marched south things began to pop that would make history. This was war. This was Revolucion!

A coup had been staged. Assassinations executed. General Francisco “Pancho” Villa was leading the Constitutionaist Army from the north to meet with  Emiliano Zapata and his forces from the south to take Mexico back from the usurpers. Ed Lash had ridden with Pancho Villa before and, against his will, he was back to ride with him again.

Two men wanted to kill Ed Lash but the dreaded Mexican Rurales would probably kill him first. Lash was caught in a blood feud with one man because he killed his brother. He was caught in a love triangle with another man over a woman he hated.

Two private wars in the middle of Pancho Villa’s campaign to conquer northern Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. And Ed Lash was right in the middle of it all. South To Chihuahua is available HERE.

LandThatTimeForgotThumb June & July Were Busy

The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs

This volume of The Land That Time Forgot contains the complete Caspak Trilogy by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

A manuscript is found floating in a thermos in the waters off of Greenland, that details the adventures of Bowen Tyler Jr., an American passenger whose ship is sunk by a U-boat in 1916, at the outset of World War I. By a quirk of fate, Tyler is rescued by a British tugboat but the tug then is attacked by the same submarine. He ultimately finds himself on an island, long forgotten, roamed by dinosaurs and cavemen – a land of tooth and claw. Whether it’s dinosaurs looking for their next meal or cave men living in a “kill or be killed” world, or the Germans marooned with him attempting to sabotage him, Bowen is at odds against all. Burroughs’ working title for this novel was “The Lost U-Boat.

In The People That Time Forgot, a rescue attempt is made to find Bowen Tyler, and this book and Out of Time’s Abyss both tell of the struggle to survive in this primitive world by two men of the rescuing team. Survival becomes more than just dodging dinosaurs when they find that some humans on Caspak have metamorphosed into flying, bat winged creatures that base their status in their society on murder.

The Land That Time Forgot, the complete Caspak trilogy, is available HERE.

MyBrothersWidowThumb 1 June & July Were Busy

My Brother’s Widow by John D. MacDonald

For four years Gevan Dean was in self-imposed exile from his family business, the business he had run until his brother stole his fiancee. Now his brother had been murdered and Gevan needed to know why.

My Brother’s Widow was serialized in Colliers Weekly in 1952. It is available HERE.

ForbiddenTrailThumb June & July Were Busy

The Forbidden Trail and Other Stories by Jane Rice

The Forbidden Trail and Other Stories – four stories about ghosts, werewolves, zombies, and cannibals from the wicked pen of Jane Rice.

Magician’s Dinner (1942) – The lady couldn’t cook—a fact she didn’t realize till she tried it. And twenty professional magicians—er, prestidigitators, that is—coming. For once the magicians got a real magician’s dinner, though!

The Refugee (1943) – This little tale concerns a flighty little woman, Paris under Nazi domination—and one who, even in meatless France, didn’t lack for food. Also it is not the story you’ll think

The Idol of the Flies (1942) – A magnificent bit of writing about a small and utterly vicious boy—and his peculiar hobby.

The Forbidden Trail (1941) – The trail was very taboo; the natives had better sense than to follow it. The explorers, though, knew better—

We’re agreed, Magician’s Dinner is the funniest ghost story we’ve ever read. The Forbidden Trail and Other Stories is available HERE.

HollywoodOnMoonThumb June & July Were Busy

Hollywood On The Moon by Henry Kuttner

Hollywood On The Moon by Henry Kuttner features Tony Quade, ace cameraman for Nine Planets Films, Inc., as he travels throughout the Solar System in order to film some of the biggest movies ever made. Surrounded by stars and moguls he has a glamourous lifestyle and a brilliant career as long as he doesn’t get eaten by one of the monsters he encounters during his productions.

Tony Quade creates the monsters of various planets synthetically, or reproduces them on the screen via trick scientific photography. Glamorous Gerry Carlyle is the female Frank Buck of the future, bringing back alive the strange organisms of alien planets for the London Interplanetary Zoo. Carlyle, an advocate for realism, refuses to see the public hoaxed by fake spectacles such as Nine Planet Films, Inc. creates. Hence, a flaming feud which has blazed its way through the System.

Hollywood On The Moon brings together all six novelettes in the Tony Quade series. It is available HERE.

OutlawSheriffThumb June & July Were Busy

The Outlaw Sheriff by Walker A. Tompkins

When Wayne Morgan, the Masked Rider arrives in Splitrock he finds the Sheriff barricaded inside his jail house protecting a cross-border outlaw from getting lynched. When a rider comes into town and announces he’s seen the camp of the Masked Rider and his compadre Blue Hawk, Morgan joins the posse to keep it away from their real camp. When the sheriff dies in an ambush, Wayne Morgan, the Masked Rider becomes the Outlaw Sheriff.

The Outlaw Sheriff – When the Masked Rider arrives in Splitrock he’s given a law star and told to go ride in search of —himself! The Outlaw Sheriff is available HERE.

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