Vulcan’s Dolls by Margaret St. Clair

Vulcan’s Dolls – The Weeping Doll lay on Fyon’s pink sands. When Don Haig picked it up, the cosmic battle between Vulcan and Mulciber would begin!


The Sin-Eater and Other Stories by G.G. Pendarves

The Sin-Eater and Other Stories is a collection of three stories about black magic, immortality, ancient demons, possession and dual personality.


The Menace of Mars and Other Stories by Clare Winger Harris

The Menace of Mars and Other Stories is a collection of 3 novelettes by Clare Winger Harris, writer of mystical science fiction of universes within universes.


Shambleau by C.L. Moore

“Shambleau! Shambleau!” the wild mob cried with loathing and disgust, but Northwest Smith drove them off with his blaster and took the exhausted girl to his rooms. There was no hair upon her face — neither brows nor lashes; but what lay hidden beneath the tight scarlet turban bound around her head?


Sunfire by Francis Stevens

Sunfire – Five explorers travel by canoe to the headwaters of the Rio Silencioso, to a hidden lake with an ancient pyramid. There they are seduced and trapped, and are fated to become human sacrifices to an ancient god.


The Portal To Power by Greye La Spina

The Portal To Power – a cult of Devil worshipers in a hidden valley in the Rocky Mountains seek the Philosopher’s Stone, as well as a Priestess to bring the Ancient Gods back to this plane of existence.


Lorelei of the Red Mist by Leigh Brackett and Ray Bradbury

A thief makes the biggest score of all time and then dies trying to escape. His dying mind is transferred into the body of a warrior who is being used by a sorceress to destroy her enemies.


The Forbidden Trail and Other Stories by Jane Rice

The Forbidden Trail and Other Stories – four stories about ghosts, werewolves, zombies, and cannibals from the wicked pen of Jane Rice.


STARK – Man Without a Tribe by Leigh Brackett

Eric John Stark was born on Mercury to miners who died in a cave-in. He was brought up by Mercurian aborigines and given the name N’Chaka, meaning “the man without a tribe”. Stark grew up to become a wanderer, a warrior, a rebel, and ultimately a legend.


Elak and Jirel

Elak of Atlantis and Jirel of Joiry are, in a way, a matched pair. Elak,written by Henry Kuttner, and Jirel, written by C.L. (Catherine Lucille) Moore, are heroes of the Swords and Sorcery sub-genre of fantasy fiction. What better way to be introduced to these two superb authors, from before they married, than through two of their acclaimed series.


Jirel of Joiry by C.L. Moore

The complete tales of Jirel of Joiry, flame haired warrior maiden of medieval France. Jirel is the proud, tough, beautiful, flame haired, warrior ruler of Joiry — located somewhere in medieval France about 1500. Her adventures pit her against witches, sorcerers and supernatural beings, as well as much more easily dispatched men.


The Skylark of Space by E.E. Smith

During an experiment for the Government Bureau of Chemistry, Richard Seaton realises that he has discovered the means for liberating intra-atomic energy. Seaton, and a friend, millionaire Reynolds Crane, decide to build a space-flier, to be propelled by this intra-atomic energy.

Meanwhile, Marc DuQuesne and the Steel Trust, aware of the discovery’s potential, make attempts to steal the experimental solution the discovery is based on and the plans for the space-flier.