The Glass Skulls by Barry Perowne

The Glass Skulls – A murdered man in a limousine leads to a trail of murdered men and a collection of glass skulls.


Poisonville by Dashiell Hammett

Poisonville is the original set of four stories from 1927 and 1928 that were edited together to become the novel Red Harvest. The Continental Op is sent on assignment to a mining town in Montana to do “some business.” The man he was supposed to meet was murdered before he got to meet him.


The Continental Op-1928 by Dashiell Hammett

The Continental Op – 1928 – 1928 was a seminal year for Dashiell Hammett. He ended the series of stories known as the Poisonville stories that were later turned into the novel “Red Harvest.” Later in the year he began the series of stories that were turned into the novel “The Dain Curse.”


The Continental Op-1927 by Dashiell Hammett

The Continental Op-1927 – From ‘The Big Knockover’ to the beginnings of the Poisonville stories, 1927 was a very important year for Dashiell Hammett.


English Knife by Robert A. Garron

English Knife – Four Stories: A kidnapping for love, a ship full of Nazi spies, a robbery/homicide and a man who snapped. A full line-up of crime.


My Flesh is Sweet by Day Keene

My Flesh is Sweet – On the run in Mexico from the accidental killing of a drunken Mexican general, Ad Conners and Eleana Hayes must somehow make it back across the border to confront a decades-old secret that could destroy them both.


Death Stalks the Night by Hugh B. Cave

Death Stalks the Night – Shudderry thrills aplenty as the Acid Murderer roams the city, leaving death in his trail.


The Curse of Phari by Edmund Snell

The Curse of Phari – The looting of the treasure of a mummified ruler of a long dead Egypt, brought strange and dramatic adventures to a certain young man and others in modern London.


Bet On Murder – Three Stories by Roger Torrey

Bet On Murder – Three stories of kidnapping, murder, frame-ups, greed and espionage on the World War II home front.


Monsieur Dupin – The Detective Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

Monsieur Dupin – The Detective Tales of Edgar Allan Poe – With the stories in this collection, Edgar Allan Poe is considered to have founded the genre of detective fiction. These five stories introduced the character of Auguste Dupin and gave us the foundation of “Ratiocination” (or deductive reasoning) from which later detectives such as Sherlock Holmes would claim their fame.


The Torture Trust by Brant House

The Torture Trust (SAX,1) – In this, the debut of Secret Agent “X”, the Agent must match wits with a coterie of criminals that uses torture and murder to extract ransoms from prominent figures.


Nemesis – Two Novelettes by William P. McGivern

Nemesis – two stories, one of a very clever plan gone awry, and the other of a conspiracy to frame a random innocent man for murder.