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Sleep With The Devil by Day Keene

Sleep With The Devil – Ferron was part hoodlum, part gigolo, a guy who’d break your arm as quick as he’d look at you. Suddenly his whole world began to shatter with unspeakable savagery.


The Woman of the Pyramid by Perley Poore Sheehan

The Woman of the Pyramid — Netokris, incarnation of the Goddess Isis, Queen of Egypt, she who kills with the flick of a finger; Menni, governor of the Double Palace; and Berenice the slave girl; a love triangle that will play out over five thousand years.


My Brother’s Widow by John D. MacDonald

My Brother’s Widow – For four years Gevan Dean was in self-imposed exile from his family business, the business he had run until his brother stole his fiancee. Now his brother had been murdered and Gevan needed to know why.


Death Has An Escort – Three Stories by Roger Torrey

Death Has An Escort – Three hard-boiled stories about love and pleasure and blackmail and murder by Roger Torrey.


Dawn of Flame & The Black Flame by Stanley G. Weinbaum

What price love? What price immortality? There’s a revolution brewing when Thomas Conner wakes after hundreds of years in the grave. Mortals versus immortals, the Weeds versus the Master, and Conner, by virtue of his resurrection, lands right in the middle of it.


The Woman From Altair and Other Stories by Leigh Brackett

Two classic novelettes of interstellar love and betrayal, and one story about simple betrayal by Leigh Brackett (1915-1978).


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