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Gunmen of Glory by Clarence E. Mulford

Gunmen of Glory by Clarence E. Mulford – The Kid, sick and desperate, stumbles upon Hopalong Cassidy and tells him the gruesome story of his wife’s murder by Big Henry’s outlaw gang. Hopalong un-limbers his six-shooter and sets out to clean things up.


The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A manuscript is found that details the adventures of an American passenger whose ship is sunk by a U-boat in 1916, and ultimately finds himself on an island roamed by dinosaurs and cavemen. Burroughs’ working title for this novel was “The Lost U-Boat.”


The Treasure of Atlantis by J. Allan Dunn

The Treasure of Atlantis – A dying man, a hunter of rare orchids, returns from an expedition to Brazil and tells Stanley Morse of visions of a lost city deep in the jungles near the headwaters of the Amazon. Could it be the fabled city of Atlantis?


The Star Kings by Edmond Hamilton

The Star Kings is classic science fiction from Edmond Hamilton. Prince Zarth Arn exchanges minds and bodies with John Gordon, 200,000 years in his past. Gordon finds he must impersonate Prince Zarth on the eve of interstellar war. And only one man knows the truth of his impersonation – the tyrant leader of the League of Dark Worlds.


A Million Years In The Future by Thomas P. Kelley

A Million Years In The Future – a thrilling interplanetary story of Jan, the last man on Earth; Tara the Glorious, Queen of the Stars; the Wolves of Worra, the Nine Terrible Sisters, and the Black Raiders, destroyers of a thousand planets.


The Skylark Trilogy by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith

The Skylark Trilogy includes all three classic science fiction books “The Skylark of Space,” “Skylark Three” and “The Skylark of Valeron” by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith.


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