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Time Quarry by Clifford D. Simak

Time Quarry – In the 80th century, an astronaut, presumed lost for twenty years, returns to Earth. However, a time traveler comes back from the future and tries to have him killed before he can write a book and spread dangerously subversive beliefs.


Scalp Harvest and Other Stories by William Heuman

Scalp Harvest and Other Stories – Life on the frontier from fighting a battle against the rampaging Sioux, to fighting to keep a town from being overcome by a tinhorn’s greed and intimidation.


The Troyana Series by Capt. S.P. Meek

The Troyana Series is two novels, The Drums of Tapajos (1930) and Troyana (1932) written by Capt. S.P. Meek. Explorers probe the Amazon and find a lost city, the remnants of lost civilizations.


War Stories by John D. MacDonald

War Stories – a collection of four early stories by John D. MacDonald of private wars fought against the larger backdrop of World War II.


Voodoo Express by Theodore Roscoe

Voodoo Express by Theodore Roscoe – two novelettes about Haiti, voodoo, zombies, shrunken heads and drums – the incessant drumming from the hills that drives men mad.


Ring Twice For Laura by Vera Caspary

Ring Twice For Laura by Vera Caspary (1899-1987) is the 1942 serialized novel that would become famous as the 1944 Otto Preminger movie ‘Laura.’ Serialized over seven weeks in Collier’s Weekly Magazine, it is the story of a New York City career woman mistakenly thought murdered in her own apartment and the three men most affected: her narcissistic former lover, her philandering fiancee, and the hardboiled detective assigned to investigate her case.


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