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April 12, 2023

Fun Stories for April

Last month we added a couple of titles to our imprint of pre-Pulp era books, Éditions Scylla & Charybde. We added Monsieur Dupin – The Detective Tales of Edgar Allan Poe as well as The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers.

Monsieur Dupin was the protagonist of Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue, Mystery Of Marie Rogêt and The Purloined Letter. Dupin is considered to be the first detective of fiction and his process of "ratiocination" became a model for the deductive logic shown by Sherlock Holmes just a couple of decades later.

The King in Yellow was a supposedly a two act play that would drive insane those who read it. While the first act was supernaturally menacing, the second act revealed cosmic truths that filled a mind with horror. Even a master of cosmic horror such as H.P. Lovecraft had to acknowledge it.

Our second print title, Black Murder by Roger Torrey has been published on Amazon. We're waiting for approval at Barnes & Noble. Now that we think we have the process down (famous last words) we hope to speed up our print publications.

On Sale This Month.

This month we just wanted a few reads that were absorbing. Something we could get lost in. Of course, that's just us....
Citadel of Fear by Francis Stevens
Two men explore in Mexico for gold. One is thankful to leave with his life. The other, left behind to die, finds evil incarnate— Aztec hounds turned loose on the modern world. A novel of dark fantasy.
The Onslaught From Rigel by Fletcher Pratt
When they went to bed that night it was mid-winter. When they woke it was the spring and their bodies had been turned into metal. They were the lucky ones. The aliens from Rigel had killed all the rest.
The Mask of Circe by Henry Kuttner
Summoned by luring voices from the past, Jay Seward assumes the role of Jason in an epochal journey to the fabulous land of the legends!
A man shares genetic memories with Jason of the Argonauts fame. When time streams cross, he finds he becomes Jason in an alternate world.
Sands of Sahara by Robert Carse
Three novelettes of the French Foreign Legion. From the Atlas mountains to the Sahara desert to the Syrian desert, the men of the French Foreign Legion fight for their honor and the honor of France.
Soldier’s Fortune (1930) – A Bright Little Hell Burns in the Syrian Desert When the Druse Tribemen Capture a Fighting Legionaire.
Recall to Arms (1940) – In a Riff hill-town Jean Hubert, Legionnaire, learned that men who fight only for their peace live happily. But the Legion trumpets were loud in his memory; and stronger than himself was the summons to a doubtful glory.
Sands of Sahara (1941) – These ancient and terrible sands have always been a battle-ground; and they are today. But they are, too, the last outpost of France’s liberty; shifting, they make unconquered land—where two Frenchmen, determined to prove their different kinds of courage, can find glory.
The Curse of Capistrano by Johnston McCulley
Better known as The Mark of Zorro. Serialized in All-Story Weekly in 1919, The Curse of Capistrano is the classic tale of the masked avenger Zorro, full of sword fights, horse chases and forbidden romance. Any number of masked and caped heroes can trace their inspirations back to Zorro, but this is the original novel.
Bullet and Other Stories by Hapsburg Liebe
Seven classic pulp Western stories by Hapsburg Liebe.
Vengeance In A Bottle (1945) – Dingdong Bell Had a Reputation for Tellin’ the Truth, Even When He Was on the Owlhoot
Cayuse Cowman (1942) – The news that Bender’s younker was heir to a million dollars traveled quickly through the town.
Bullet (1937) – He was just a button but when trouble popped those hard bitten men of Gold Rock had to admit he was man-sized!
Dangerous Ground (1944)- A Lot of Folks Have Died Because They Knew Too Much
All The Cards Were Black (1949)- Trust Cow Folks to Get the Right Angle
Bullets Across The Border (1948) – That wild, young owlhooter didn’t even trust his own shadow —yet he left himself wide open for a double-crossing drygulcher’s Bullets Across The Border
Stickup at Stafford’s (1949) – A Long Hate Is Hard to Contend With
We wanted some stories we could savor and get absorbed in. We can get into these. We think you can too.

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