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March 8, 2023

Some Great Stories for March

Last month was a little crazy for us but we did manage to get three new ebooks published for you, our wonderful readers. Max Brand, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Victor Rousseau were in the house!

Brand was represented by The Garden of Eden, called a "masterpiece" at the time. An allegorical story complete with a snake represented by a gambler. Fascinating how we're introduced to the snake at the beginning....

Burroughs gave us the The Moon Trilogy, a trio of stories that starts with his well honed science fiction of astronauts visiting the Moon and finding a hidden civilization, proceeds to a dystopian military dictatorship on Earth, and in the third story bears witness to a Second American Revolution. This story is quite a bit darker than his usual fare but well worth a read if you've never encountered it before. (Special thanks to the Carolina Calots ERB group for introducing us to this book.)

Rousseau's Ivan Brodsky, Surgeon of Souls rounded out our ebook production. Lost and broken souls come to Dr. Ivan Brodsky and he does what he must to repair them. These classic stories were originally published in 1910 and 1911 and then republished in Weird Tales in 1926 and 1927.

Our first print title, 42 Days For Murder by Roger Torrey was finally published, but not on Amazon. You can find it at Barnes & Noble. It turns out that we'll only be able to publish SOME of our print titles on Amazon. The full print set will apparently only be available on B&N. (Don't ask. It's a long frustrating story.) Nevertheless, look for more print offerings in the near future, and hopefully on both platforms.
Now, the only question left to answer is... What do we have on sale this month?

On Sale This Month.

Some good reads. Some fun action and adventures. Some of our old favorites. Enjoy!
Time Quarry (1950) by Clifford D. Simak – In the 80th century, an astronaut, presumed lost for twenty years, returns to Earth. However, a time traveler comes back from the future and tries to have him killed before he can write a book and spread dangerously subversive beliefs.
Time Quarry is a 50 chapter novel, first published in Galaxy Science Fiction as a three part serial in its inaugural three issues in 1950.
Scalp Harvest and Other Stories by William Heuman – Life on the frontier from fighting a battle against the rampaging Sioux, to fighting to keep a town from being overcome by a tinhorn’s greed and intimidation.
Gunsmoke On The Arrow (1946) – Rank-proud Major George Brandon led his troops down a redskin glory-trail. And only a renegade shavetail knew that trail ended in bloody Sioux massacre on the open prairie!
A four chapter novelette.
Scalp Harvest (1946) – Only one man could keep the seething caldron of the Sioux Reservation from spilling over and becoming a whooping, blood-crazed torrent threatening to drown the little settlement. Only one man, and Sergeant Morgan Carr knew where to find him—in the biggest gambling hell in town, a bottle near his shaking hands!
A five chapter novelette.
There’s Blood On His Star (1948) – Golden Billy Smith, Marshal of Clover City, backed the law with a soft voice and a loud Colt, until a bust-head boom-town honky-tonk bouncer tried to prove that two hard fists could beat two fast guns!
A four chapter novelette.
The Troyana Series is a pair of novels written by Capt. S.P. Meek between 1930 and 1932.
The Drums of Tapajos (1930) – After World War I is over, four men journey into the wilds of the Amazon basin in search of treasure. Somewhere in there they find a lost civilization.
Three ex-Army buddies, not ready to settle down to civilian life, are looking for adventure in the post-war world. They wouldn’t mind fomenting a little South American revolution and get in touch with a fourth man to lead their unofficial party. He suggests instead a treasure hunt in the wilds of the Amazon basin. The four have no idea what they are about to find.
Troyana (1932) – The second of the Troyana Series, Nankivell brings the adventurers back to Troyana to save it from a rebellion by the black robed Atlanteans.
War Stories – a collection of four early stories by John D. MacDonald, of private wars fought against the larger backdrop of World War II.
Interlude in India (1946)
Blame Those Who Die (1946) – Adventure in Ceylon Opens with the Young American Making Off with Someone Else’s Airplane and Ends When the East Closes One Account
The Flying Elephants (1946) – Bill Drucker Liked His Job in Ceylon With Its Weird Contrasts of Civilization and Savagery; Now It Seemed He Was to Lose It
Coward In The Game (1946) – Battlefield or Football Field, They Both Take Guts – But Maybe a Different Kind
Voodoo Express by Theodore Roscoe is a pair of novelettes about Haiti, voodoo, zombies, shrunken heads and drums – the incessant drumming from the hills that drives men mad.
The Little Doll Died (1940) – Haiti is a dark place where you may live for years and know less about it than when you came; where human relationships clash discordantly in the sinister tropic air; where people speak only in whispers of the zombies—those soulless creatures, the un-dead dead. And there a Leatherneck once saw a dead man rise.
An eleven chapter novella.
The Voodoo Express (1931) – The boom and echo of Haiti’s mountain drums worked in the blood of Conrad Yole, and made the legend of a ghost railroad come alive.
A six chapter novelette.
Ring Twice For Laura by Vera Caspary is the 1942 serialized novel that would become famous as the 1944 Otto Preminger movie ‘Laura.’ Serialized over seven weeks in Collier’s Weekly Magazine, it is the story of a New York City career woman mistakenly thought murdered in her own apartment and the three men most affected: her narcissistic former lover, her philandering fiancee, and the hard-boiled detective assigned to investigate her case.
March. In like a lion? Out like a lamb? Or the other way around? Come see us when you're looking to curl up with a good book. We've got you covered.

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