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February 7, 2023

Is It Love?

Once upon a time and a long time ago, when I was young, there was a song I loved to dance to called "Is It Love?" by a band called Gang of Four. I haven't been able to think of Valentine's Day without that song going through my head ever since. And since Valentine's Day is coming up, all of our Sale Books have love as a theme. Yes, quite original, isn't it?

But before we get to this month's Sale Books let's catch up. In our December newsletter we teased that we were researching printed books. Well we took the plunge. We are starting to offer some titles as Print On Demand through Amazon. Our first title is 42 Days For Murder by Roger Torrey. It is, as of this writing, "Under Review" by the powers that be at Amazon and we expect it to be released for sale in the next day or two. We're very happy with the way the Reader's Copy turned out. We expect to roll out several more books of mystery and crime fiction first, and then branch to some of our horror and science fiction titles after that.

Last month we weren't that productive on the ebook side, only producing two new ebooks. But what a pair! One was The Torture Trust by Brant House which introduced Secret Agent "X" to the world. Over 41 issues, Secret Agent "X" saved the world from some of the most ruthless and despicable criminals ever imagined.
The Torture Trust (1934)
Men with skulls for faces—these were the victims of that terrible trio who met in a hidden room. And Secret Agent “X” went against them, daring the bottled torment of their deaf-mute slaves, in a desperate battle of wits at the gateway of destruction.
The other ebook we produced was Cosmos the biggest round-robin project of the Pulp Fiction era. Eighteen authors collaborated to create this massive seventeen chapter novel about interstellar and inter-dimensional conquest. The list of authors involved in this project is a Who's Who of science fiction talent. It's pretty fascinating how this story weaves around towards its inevitable conclusion. Not to mention what might be the coolest name for an arch-villain ever... The Wrongness of Space.
Cosmos (1933-35)
Ay-Artz of Alpha Centauri lusts to conquer the Solar System and its myriad peoples. But behind Ay-Artz, and using him as a pawn, is The Wrongness of Space, an inter-dimensional being who wants nothing less than to rule the universe.
However, the big question is... What do we have on sale this month?

On Sale This Month.

It's February and we are proud to offer you some great love stories. Or something like love stories. Or perhaps not exactly love....
Tarzan Of The Apes (1912) by Edgar Rice Burroughs - Born in the jungle, somewhere on the west coast of Africa, his parents dead, a baby is discovered by an ape who has just lost her young. The ape takes up this infant and raises him as her own. As he grows, the boy known as Tarzan to the tribe of apes, gains strength, agility, and most important of all, reasoning and cunning.

And let's not forget about Jane...
Sleep With The Devil (1954) by Day Keene - Ferron was part hoodlum, part gigolo, a guy who’d break your arm as quick as he’d look at you. Suddenly his whole world began to shatter with unspeakable savagery.
The Woman of the Pyramid (1914) by Perley Poore Sheehan - Netokris, incarnation of the Goddess Isis, Queen of Egypt, she who kills with the flick of a finger; Menni, governor of the Double Palace; and Berenice the slave girl; a love triangle that will play out over five thousand years.
Death Has An Escort – Two hard-boiled stories about showgirls, heiresses, love, pleasure, blackmail and murder by Roger Torrey.
Murder Backstage (1940) – Rawlin had been on the stage once, but he’d given up all that to become a private detective. In his acting days, women had been his chief weakness; and right now, the murder that confronted him was causing him no more trouble than the girls in the chorus!
Death Has An Escort (1942) – Give a couple of women plenty of money, turn them loose in a city where nobody knows what they’re doing, let them have all the leeway in the world to go chasing pleasure — and maybe it’ll be all right. And maybe it’ll lead to tragedy. . . .
Dawn of Flame & The Black Flame by Stanley G. Weinbaum
Dawn of Flame – Lovely but cruel, young but immortal, the Black Princess rode into Ormiston, a living flame . . . with death like a gift in her hand!
The BLACK FLAME – Thomas Conner Pits Ancient Knowledge and Daring Against Immortals Who Have Ruled a Strange New World for Centuries. Black Margot was half sweet provocative goddess—and half brutal devil who would endeavour to steal all his knowledge and his heart.
The Woman From Altair and Other Stories – two classic novelettes of interstellar love and betrayal, and one story about simple betrayal by Leigh Brackett.
The Woman From Altair (1951) – Ahrian was a fragile creature – yet beneath her feminine softness lurked the steel purpose of bitter dedication!
The Stellar Legion (1940) – No one had ever escaped from Venus’ dread Stellar Legion. And as Thekla the low-Martian learned, no one had ever betrayed it——and lived
The Last Days of Shandakor (1952) – An Earthman finds love and tragedy in a long-dead city of ancient Mars that denies death. A novelette in six chapters.
February. Love is in the air. Maybe. Sometimes. Treasure the ones you love.

And come see us at The Pulp Fiction Book Store. Just in case you have to sleep on the couch and need something to read....
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