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Aug. 10, 2023

Hot Summer, Cool Reads

The heat has been getting to us this summer and we've been less productive than we should be. Nevertheless, we've put some great books on the site for you to check out.

We love My Flesh is Sweet by Day Keene. He was an absolutely terrific writer and this book does not disappoint. Fugitive Americans trying to get out of Mexico alive...

If you're looking for some jungle adventures you should check out Devil Drums by Murray Leinster. Jungle stories from South America, Africa and the South Pacific.

We're really pleased have finally put some of the works of P. Schuyler Miller on the site. Miller was a classic writer of science fiction as well as, in his later career, a very important critic of the genre. We've put two of his books online.

The first is The Pool of Life which contains his first published story, the award winning "The Red Plague."

The second book is Tetrahedra of Space - Five Stories which is named after what is probably Miller's best known story. This also contains Miller's Yzdral (Atlantis) series in which he takes a very different approach to the story than had been taken previously. You'll just have to read it to find out....

SO what's on sale this month?

On Sale This Month.

This month we've got some cool reads. Sit back, relax and get lost in another world.
The Petals of Lao-Tze by J. Allan Dunn
The eighth “petal”, is the final piece needed to recreate the complete golden talisman that is said to have given Lao-Tze long life, perhaps even immortality. Retrieving it from a dead man deep in the Himalayas is the easy part. Bringing it back to a wealthy benefactor is another story.
Texicans by Frank Bonham
Two novelettes of what men will go through to protect who and what they love. Men who don’t want to be kings but want to be free to live their lives as honest men.
The Canyon of Maverick Brands (1945)
They brought their spoils beneath the rim of the Skyline and settled to feast under an Owlhoot moon. But Ross Kirby, riding hand on holster, tallied a double-cross kill and ripped the wolf-pack war wide open. A seven chapter novelette.
Texicans Die Hard! (1947)
How could a forty-a-month cowpoke rod this huge old Mexican rancho? Charlie Drake listened grimly to the hate-filled whispers in the patio shadows, the gun-hammers clicking back, the thumbs rasping across fresh-honed blades—and felt the answer dragging at his belt. A ten chapter novelette.
Monsieur Dupin – The Detective Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
With the stories in this collection, Poe is considered to have founded the genre of detective fiction. These five stories introduced the character of Auguste Dupin and gave us the foundation of “Ratiocination” (or deductive reasoning) from which later detectives such as Sherlock Holmes would claim their fame.
The Murders In The Rue Morgue (1841)
The Mystery Of Marie Rogêt (1842)
The Purloined Letter (1844)
Thou Art The Man (1844)
The Gold-Bug (1843)
The Garden of Eden by Max Brand
Ben Conner, gambler on the horses, has come to Lukin to find some peace and quiet. But almost the first thing he finds in this remote high desert community is a horse race.
The cover from Argosy All-Story Weekly from the first installment describes this story as Brand's Masterpiece.
Dr. Ivan Brodsky, Surgeon of Souls by Victor Rousseau
Lost and broken souls come to Dr. Ivan Brodsky and he does what he must to repair them. Many souls haunt the living, attempting to return to the land of the living. Some souls are confused, some are angry, some refuse to go back to the eternal plain. Dr. Ivan Brodsky helps such souls to their destinies.
The Dream Quest of Randolph Carter by H.P. Lovecraft
Randolph Carter is an antiquarian and one-time student of the fictional Miskatonic University. He was probably born around 1874 and grew up in and around Boston. At the age of nine, he underwent a mysterious experience at his great-uncle Christopher’s farm and thereafter exhibited a gift of prophecy.
The five stories in The Dream Quest of Randolph Carter take Carter backwards and forwards through time, across outer space, and across a number of dimensions.
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (1927)
The Statement of Randolph Carter (1920)
The Unnamable (1925)
The Silver Key (1929)
Through the Gates of the Silver Key (1934)
We know you can get lost in some of these books. That's not a bad thing.

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