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December 5, 2022

December to Remember?

We're sure there must be some pulp fiction Christmas stories but we haven't found them yet. Maybe next year. In the mean time, we've put some books on sale that don't represent Christmas at all. Whatsoever. It happens....

Last month we only got one book produced. We apologize. We got caught up in some outside projects including some R&D into converting some of our ebooks into paperbacks. More about that at a later date.

However, the lone ebook we were able to produce last month, more than makes up for our dazed and confused state as we go down the rabbit hole of different technologies.

We noticed that Time Quarry by Clifford D. Simak was good enough to be published as the lead-off serial novel for the (then) brand new magazine, Galaxy Science Fiction. It was published in three parts in the October, November and December, 1950 issues and was the cover story for that inaugural October issue. So it had to be good, right?

It was better than good. And while Time Quarry (1950) is nothing like Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (1968) by Philip K. Dick, it explores some of the same themes of what might motivate a self-aware android as versus a flesh and blood human. And what is destiny? Human destiny? Android destiny? The destiny of each sentient, self-aware being?
Time Quarry (1950) – In the 80th century, an astronaut, presumed lost for twenty years, returns to Earth. However, a time traveler comes back from the future and tries to have him killed before he can write a book and spread dangerously subversive beliefs.
We promise to get more books produced this month. As our founder and guiding light, Mr. Pulp insists: "Sleep is for wimps."
However, the big question is... What do we have on sale this month? It's December and everybody is anticipating all kinds of goodies...

On Sale This Month.

It may be December but none of these are Christmas stories.
Monkoto by Dan Cushman – Three novelettes about lust, thievery, voodoo, and murder in the middle of the African jungle.
Red Moon of Monkoto (1947) – It was a strange story Ryan told — that story of six jungle-crazed outcasts, an egg-size diamond, and the weird drums that only one man could hear. A five chapter novelette.
The Forgotten Of Allah (1947) – The ways of fate are devious in Africa’s vast, mysterious land. Sometimes, as Kellar learned at Tahoula, it is easier to escape three deaths than one. A five chapter novelette.
Voodoo Fangs (1948) – It was more than the fire-juju of the N’cimbo fetish priests that made Yankee Jim Dunn throw away his life-long dream of escaping Luassa kraal. A six chapter novelette.
Tong Law by Edmund Snell – When Valtier is poisoned on the steamer Madelon, Roper and Walters join forces to track down the legend of the ‘Hanoi Emerald.’
Valtier had bought the pale green jewel, apparently a treasure looted from some temple. Was a curse attached to the jewel? Murder and death followed it and touched all who came in contact with it. Imprisoned in the heart of the jewel was the distinct outline of a spider. And so, the deaths were referred to as the ‘spider murders.’
The Horrors of Mars by Clark Ashton Smith - Four stories with two alternate versions about the horrors to be found on Mars, the Red Planet, by Clark Ashton Smith.
The Planet Entity (1931)
Chapter II. Shanghaied Into Space
Chapter III. The Giant of Mars
Chapter IV. The Astounding Creation!
Chapter V. The Return to Earth
Chapter VI. The Martian’s Power
Dweller in Martian Depths (1933) —Into the planet’s bowels they went in search of fabulous wealth. . . but they found waiting for them the grim dweller. . . .
The Dweller in the Gulf
The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis (1932) —A powerful story of a nightmare horror, a weird vampirism spawned in the caverns of the red planet
The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis (Original Version)
Vulthoom (1935) —A weird-scientific story of two Earthmen on Mars—a tale of frightful tortures and eery horrors in the subterranean caverns of the red planet, and a doom that menaced Earth
Herbert West: Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft – The gruesome adventures of Herbert West, a young scientist consumed with the ambition of bringing the dead back to life!
Herbert West: Reanimator Can the Dead Be Brought Back to Life?
I. From the Dark Episode the first in the gruesome adventures of Herbert West, a young scientist consumed with the ambition of bringing back the dead to life!
II. The Plague-Demon Many and monstrous were the dead-alive “things” that Herbert West snatched back from the land of the tomb! Episode number two in the young scientist’s blasphemous exploits!
III. Six Shots by Moonlight Presenting the third chill-filled episode in this series about the young man who seeks to conquer the world’s most ancient enemy!
IV. The Scream of the Dead The fourth episode in this spine-refrigerating series—in which a young scientist fights a duel to the death . . . with Death!
V. The Horror from the Shadows The fifth horror-filled episode in this series—of a strange, brilliant scientist who would not believe that the dead are dead.
VI. The Tomb-Legions Do not scoff at the tomb-legions . . . those beings who dwell in a subterranean vault of fabulous abominations.
The Artificial Man and Other Stories by Clare Winger Harris – two stories of ambitious men attempting to become more than human and three stories regarding the nature of time. A Baby on Neptune was co-written with Miles J. Breuer, M.D.
The Artificial Man (1929) – “…as much of my body as can be removed and substituted by artificial parts, I wish to have done.”
The Diabolical Drug (1929) – “It will make Ponce de Leon’s fountain of eternal youth look like poison hooch!”
The Fifth Dimension (1928) – “…in the vast cycles of time and space, we repeat our existence upon this earth.” A four chapter novelette.
The Evolutionary Monstrosity (1929) – “Without the modifying and mollifying influence of a changing environment, evolution is a tool in the hands of the devil.” A six chapter novelette.
A Baby On Neptune (1929) – “Now, suppose that the messages from Neptune are so slow that they fail to register with us. Because of their slowness, we cannot synthesize them into sounds!”
Outcast’s Doom Patrol by L.P. Holmes (1937) – Hired guns and paid juries ruled the Twin Buttes range. They railroaded Buck Comstock to twenty-five years of prison hell. . . . But he had three death-sealed debts to pay before the cell door clanged shut behind him— one to himself and his ruined ranch . . . one to the beleaguered neighbors who called him friend . . . and one to the girl whose terrified scream rang in his heart!
And so it's December and the Christmas season is fast upon us. We wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah, a December to remember. Celebrate and have joy.

And come see us at The Pulp Fiction Book Store. Just in case you need something to read....
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