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October 6, 2022

October Horror!

And believe it or not, the summer is over and the Season of Horror is here. We'll get to that in a minute but first we wanted to let you know what we've been up to over the last month. In a phrase: Twenty Thousand Leagues....

Yes, we've finally done it. We've been promising to produce Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas for a couple of years now and we've finally done it. We reproduced the James R. Osgood & Co. edition published by Geo M. Smith & Co. in 1873. That edition included 110 illustrations and we put them all in. We're very proud of this production and actually we started a new imprint because of it.

Éditions Scylla & Charybde will be our new home for all of the classic books that we intend on adding to the Pulp Fiction Book Store going forward. Most of these classic books were very highly illustrated with dozens of illustrations. We are also adding in full Lists of Illustrations into these editions. We'll be moving a couple of books that we've previously published into that imprint.

And if you happened to be interested in Twenty Thousand Leagues...
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas is the classic adventure story of “Pierre Aronnax, Conseil His Servant, And Ned Land, A Canadian Harpooner ” as they journey around the world under the seas with Captain Nemo and his submarine, the Nautilus. Along the way they have a number of adventures such as an undersea battle with sharks, an encounter with cannibals on a Pacific island, a visit to the lost continent of Atlantis, battles with ships that are hunting them, becoming trapped under the Antarctic ice, and the most solemn and solitary burial at sea ever to have been experienced.
Looking forward we have a lot more classic books in mind for Éditions Scylla & Charybde. But the real question is... What do we have on sale this month? It is October after all and we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't offer you some horror....

On Sale This Month.

Ready for some horror? We've put on SALE some good reads that will definately shiver your timbers.
The Sin-Eater and Other Stories by G.G. Pendarves is a collection of three stories about black magic, immortality, ancient demons, possession and dual personality.
Abd Dhulma, Lord of Fire (1933) – A weird and shivery story of an evil Arab who contrived to postpone death for many centuries
The Power Of The Dog (1927) – A tale of Arabian black magic and the terrifying fate that befell two Englishmen at the hands of Daouad
The Sin-Eater (1938) – An unusually strange and powerful tale of possession and dual personality
The Hounds of Tindalos and Other Stories – five stories of horror from Frank Belknap Long, Jr. including two classic contributions to the Cthulhu Mythos.
The Red Fetish (1930) – Weird adventures among savage head-hunters— a red-headed man runs afoul of cannibals
The Were-Snake (1925) – Arthur Fights With the Goddess Ishtar in Her Subterranean Retreat
A novelette of three chapters
The Space-Eaters (1928) – A tremendous menace closed in upon the earth from outside the solar system— a powerful story of uncanny horror
A novelette of three chapters
The Hounds of Tindalos (1929) – A tale of unutterable horror— of a pursuit by loathsome entities through the ages and through the dimensions
A novelette of five chapters
The Black Druid (1930) – A short tale that compresses a world of cosmic horror in its few pages
Poseidonis by Clark Ashton Smith is a collection of six stories and two poems concerning the end of the civilization of Atlantis, a land of powerful wizards yet not powerful enough to stave off the death of that once mighty realm. Poseidonis is the last remnant of the lost continent.
The Muse of Atlantis
The Last Incantation (1930) – A poetic and fanciful tale about a king who invoked the aid of magic to summon his lost love
The Death of Malygris (1934) – Even in death, the mighty wizard proved himself greater than his peers—a story of weird sorcery
The Double Shadow (1933) – That which cannot be outrun
A Voyage to Sfanomoë (1931) – The brothers Hotar and Evidon left doomed Atlantis and journeyed to the planet Venus
A Vintage From Atlantis (1934) – A fantastic story of a jar of wine, mellowed through many centuries, that was washed ashore on a pirate-infested isle in the West Indies
Atlantis (1912) – A poem
Atlantis (1912) – Alternate version
Dreams and Horror by H.P. Lovecraft. The shared fictional universe, the Cthulu Mythos, was named for H.P. Lovecraft‘s novelette, The Call of Cthulhu which was written in 1926 and first published in Weird Tales in 1928. The Dunwich Horror and The Dreams in the Witch-House are both considered to be integral to the Cthulhu Mythos by Weinberg and Berglund, authors of The Readers Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos.
The Dunwich Horror (1929) – “Oh, oh, great Gawd . . . that . . . that.”
A novelette in ten chapters.
The Dreams in the Witch-House (1933) – A story of mathematics, witchcraft and Walpurgis Night, in which the horror creeps and grows—
A novelette in sixteen parts.
The Complete Doctor Satan by Paul Ernst is a series of eight novelettes in two volumes. Written in 1935 and 1936 for Weird Tales magazine, the stories pit the sinister and evil Doctor Satan, master of both scientific and occult knowledge against Ascott Keane, equally a master of the scientific and the occult.
Doctor Satan Vol. 1 contains:
• Doctor Satan
• The Man Who Chained the Lightening
• Hollywood Horror
• The Consuming Flame
Doctor Satan Vol. 2 contains:
• Horror Insured
• Beyond Death’s Gateway
• The Devil’s Double
• Mask of Death
Flames of Vengeance and Other Stories by Seabury Quinn. Jules de Grandin, Occult Detective, is back in three more tales of horror and the supernatural, Devil-worship and ancient curses.
Pledged to the Dead (1937) – A tale of a lover who was pledged to a sweetheart who had been in her grave for more than a century, and of the striking death that menaced him—a story of Jules de Grandin
Flames of Vengeance (1937) – A strange doom hung over young Pemberton and his wife, a brooding horror spawned in India and transplanted to America in all its murderous potency—a brilliant exploit of Jules de Grandin
Incense of Abomination (1938) – A daring story of Devil-worship, the Black Mass, strange suicides, and the salvation of one who had sinned greatly, yet was truly repentant—a tale of Jules de Grandin.
And so, the Season of Horror is upon us. Read these books at your own risk. There be monsters!

Come see us at The Pulp Fiction Book Store. Just remember, we're not responsible if you can't sleep at night....
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