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August 3, 2022

Hot Summer, Cool Stories

It's hot out there. We recommend finding a cool place to hang out, your favorite beverage, and a really cool story to pass the time. We can help you with the cool stories part of that equation....

Last month we only published a few books but we really like the ones we did publish!

First up was The Return of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs. After losing Jane to his cousin, Tarzan returns to Africa by way of Paris where he becomes a part of the French Secret Service. And then....

Next was Real Ghost Stories by E. and H. Heron. This mother-son writing team wrote about the "occult psychologist," Flaxman Low. Flaxman Low is fiction's original occult detective. All of the rest come from him. The original stories, written in 1898 and 1899 came with 83 original illustrations. And yes, we included them all. (A quick tip: Real Ghost Stories will be 15% off at Barnes and Noble Nook starting Friday, Aug 5th and going thru Aug. 13th.)

Finally there is Gunsmoke Years by Gunnison Steele. OK, we know that "hard-boiled Westerns" aren't really a thing, but if they were, Gunnison Steele would be the writer of them. There are bad guys and deaths aplenty and needs for justice that can only be meted out from the business end of a flaming six-shooter. And Steele is the writer that delivers.

But in this Age of Inflation, the one thing most people are interested in is "can I get a bargain?" Well yes. Yes you can.
What we've put on SALE this month are just some good reads that will let you cool down from the summer heat.

On Sale This Month.

The Warlord of Mars is the third book in the Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. John Carter must free Dejah Thoris from the clutches of the yellow Martians in the northern polar realm of Okar.
Thundering Herds and Other Stories – Three novelettes by Walt Coburn about gamblers, cattle rustlers and debts long owed and finally repaid.

Death’s Saddlemates (1935) – Cow folks said that Bob Badger had gone bronc and that his girl’s father, following his sign, would bring him swiftly to the grim range justice meted out to all bushwhack killers.

Law of The Thundering Herds (1937) – Old-timers still tell of that strange and famous gun-duel between Lige Brandon and his friend, Jim Turley, in the dusty street of Chinook. . . . For the echoes of their crashing six-shooters awoke from his boothill sleep a long-dead cowman—who must ride and fight again for a ghost trail-herd!

Tinhorns Can’t Cheat Death! (1937) – Deuce High Fox, tinhorn card-slick and killer, came back from years of unearned prison hell, sustained to life by his own bitter hatred against those who had condemned him. Yet all his slim-fingered magic and steel-cold nerve availed him little against the knowledge that he must play his last grim hand against Eternity, and play it straight!
The Continental Op -1923 by Dashiell Hammett
Herein are the first five Continental Op stories, written in 1923 by Dashiell Hammett and published in The Black Mask magazine.

Written in first person, these are the stories of an unnamed operative for the Continental Detective Agency. The operative deals with the gamut of human crime and cruelty.

Arson Plus (1923)
Crooked Souls (1923)
Slippery Fingers (1923)
It (1923)
Bodies Piled Up (1923)
John Silence, Physician Extraordinary by Algernon Blackwoood
John Silence, Physician Extraordinary, faces werewolves, devil worship, human sacrifice, haunted houses and a Witch’s Sabbath.

John Silence, Physician Extraordinary (1908)
Case I –A Psychical Invasion
Case II –Ancient Sorceries
Case III –The Nemesis of Fire
Case IV –Secret Worship
Case V –The Camp of the Dog
Case VI –A Victim of Higher Space
Encounters - Four Stories by Arthur C. Clarke
Four stories of encounters with the Other.

At The End Of Orbit (1961) – He was asleep, and dreaming his inevitable painful dream. A four chapter novelette.

If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth… (1951) – He had long wondered what lay outside; and now, Marvin’s father was taking him on the long-awaited trip…

Guardian Angel (1950) – Earth’s cities lay in the shadow of alien spaceships, watched over by a benevolent Overlord who never revealed himself. Perhaps because . . . A five chapter novelette.

Encounter In The Dawn (1950) – At the rim of the Milky Way
Irregular Brethren and Other Stories by H. Bedford-Jones
Three stories of outcasts, pirates and explorers on the fringes of civilization.

Irregular Brethren (1919) – This story, told in a quaint Oriental Masonic lodge meeting, has all the tropical color and dramatic intensity which Mr. Bedford-Jones handles so skillfully.

Pearls From Macao (1933) – A vivid thrill-tale of a desperate voyage on the China Sea, with murder striking from the shadows again and again, and a beautiful girl on board

Berber Loot (1933) – The story of a madcap adventure in Morocco, told as only Bedford-Jones can tell it—a story of thrills, romance, and sudden death, in a wild hunt for stolen treasure
Hot summer and some pretty cool stories.

Come see us at The Pulp Fiction Book Store. Try out some of these stories and see if you don't start cooling off.
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