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October 7, 2021

The Horrors of October

Isolated as we are in our beloved moonshine country, we have heard of worldwide plagues, people dropping dead in the streets, mad scientists run amuck, and that doomsday is well nigh upon us. (Well, that's what the last story we read, said...)

It must be October. And you know what that means... it's Horror Month! One of our favorite months of the year. We have a bunch of horrible tales on sale for you this month. You might never be the same again after you read them.

But before we get to our sale books, a quick word about one of the ebooks we produced last month...
Dark Lore - Five Stories by Nictzin Dyalhis
Dyalhis is only known to have published about fifteen stories. However, his work was held in esteem by his readers and they accorded him a sort of celebrity status precisely because of the paucity of his work.

What we will say, is that the title story is an amazing tour of the hells that Lura Veyle encounters in punishment, and ultimately, in redemption of her soul. The rest is pretty interesting too.

For Wounding — Retaliation (1922) – The Border— Inez, the Pima squaw uses strategy.

He Refused To Stay Dead (1927) – Are innocent babes born into the world, imbued with the spirit of some restless ghoul come back to earth to fulfill its destiny? Eric Marston thought so, when—

The Eternal Conflict (1925) – Complete Novelette of Cosmic Spaces—of Heaven and Hell

The Red Witch (1932) – A tale of atavism, a thrill-story which links the past and present—a fascinating weird tale about a red-headed woman

The Dark Lore (1927) – A tale of the outer spaces and the lurid hells through which the soul of Lura Veyle was hurled
But let's take a look at this month's SALE books, shall we?

On Sale This Month.

The Horrors of Mars by Clark Ashton Smith
Four stories with two alternate versions about the horrors to be found on Mars, the Red Planet, by Clark Ashton Smith.

The Planet Entity (1931)
Chapter II. Shanghaied Into Space
Chapter III. The Giant of Mars
Chapter IV. The Astounding Creation!
Chapter V. The Return to Earth
Chapter VI. The Martian’s Power

Dweller in Martian Depths (1933) —Into the planet’s bowels they went in search of fabulous wealth. . . but they found waiting for them the grim dweller. . . .

The Dweller in the Gulf

The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis (1932) —A powerful story of a nightmare horror, a weird vampirism spawned in the caverns of the red planet

The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis (Original Version)

Vulthoom (1935) —A weird-scientific story of two Earthmen on Mars—a tale of frightful tortures and eery horrors in the subterranean caverns of the red planet, and a doom that menaced Earth

The Werewolf of Ponkert by H. Warner Munn
Sometime around 1500, in Hungary, a merchant traveling home one night is attacked by werewolves and transformed into one. Generations of his family are cursed by this one act.

This classic story of a werewolf and his descendants was inspired by a comment by H.P. Lovecraft suggesting a story written from the werewolf’s point of view. The Werewolf of Ponkert was expanded with two more stories and the trio became the series, “The Tales of the Master.” Later, the first series was added to with three more stories that became the series, “Tales of the Werewolf Clan.” All six stories are collected in this volume.
Stargella and Other Stories by Hugh B. Cave
Ancient curses and malign evil bring eldritch creatures, ghouls and vampires to life in these five horror stories by Hugh B. Cave.

Stragella (1932) – The meeting with Stragella, under the mist that was a shroud.

The Ghoul Gallery (1932) – The story of an eldritch horror that leaped out of the black night

The Infernal Shadow (1932) – Death, mysterious and horrible, lurks in the house of Mark Mallory.

The Door of Doom (1932) – The ‘Deathless Four’ defy a threat macabre – and each, in turn finds what lurks behind the mansion’s grim Iron Door.

Brotherhood of Blood (1932) – A sensational story of the Undead—a beautiful vampire doomed to prey upon the living
The Portal To Power by Greye La Spina is a serial novel about a cult of Devil worshipers in a hidden valley in the Rocky Mountains. They seek the Philosopher’s Stone, as well as a Priestess to bring the Ancient Gods back to this plane of existence.

The Portal To Power was first published in Weird Tales in four installments from the October, 1930 issue through the January, 1931 issue.
Skull-Face by Robert E. Howard is an astounding and terrifying story of London’s Limehouse quarter and a dire threat against all humanity.

Strange was the bondage into which he sold himself, a terror-stricken slave in an abyss of evil. And stranger still was the bargain he made with the Unseen World to escape the shadow of the Thing named . . . Skull-Face.

Part 1
1. The Face in the Mist
2. The Hashish Slave
3. The Master Of Doom
4. The Spider and the Fly
5. The Man on the Couch
6. The Dream Girl
7. The Man of the Skull
8. Black Wisdom
9. Kathulos of Egypt
10. The Dark House
11. Four Thirty-four
12. The Stroke of Five

Part 2
13. The Blind Beggar Who Rode
14. The Black Empire
15. The Mark of the Tulwar
16. The Mummy Who Laughed
17. The Dead Man from the Sea

Part 3
18. The Grip of the Scorpion
19. Dark Fury
20. Ancient Horror
21. The Breaking of the Chain
The Complete Doctor Satan by Paul Ernst is a series of eight novelettes in two volumes. Written in 1935 and 1936 for Weird Tales magazine, the stories pit the sinister and evil Doctor Satan, master of both scientific and occult knowledge against Ascott Keane, equally a master of the scientific and the occult.

Doctor Satan Vol. 1 contains:
• Doctor Satan
• The Man Who Chained the Lightening
• Hollywood Horror
• The Consuming Flame

Doctor Satan Vol. 2 contains:
• Horror Insured
• Beyond Death’s Gateway
• The Devil’s Double
• Mask of Death
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