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September 7, 2021

Sci-Fi September

We've had a rough few weeks. We felt a NEED to escape this earthly morass so we decided to make this September into Sci-Fi September. You don't mind do you?

But first a word from our more criminal side. If you're looking for some great hard boiled stories you need to read Chet Lacey- Private Investigator by Robert Sidney Bowen. Bowen was best known for writing boys military adventure stories during WWII but these Chet Lacey stories are really good. We're looking for the seventh story in the series and then we will produce the second volume, but these first five are well worth your time and attention. Especially that first story.....
Chet Lacey- Private Investigator by Robert Sidney Bowen
Five stories of the cases of Private Detective Chet Lacey. He finds murder, blackmail, and the seamy side of life even in the “nicest” parts of society.

Let Me Kill You Tenderly (1946) – When Death Strikes, Detective Chet Lacey Heeds the Siren Call of Duty—but Not the Call of a Siren!

Till Death Do Us Part (1946) – Two wealthy sisters run into a nightmare of trouble when a scheming husband dishes up a murder and blackmail stew, and it’s up to private detective Lacey to serve the solution!

Darling, You Shouldn’t Have! (1947) – Mrs. Roger Fenimore was pretty as a picture, and Sleuth Lacey found her in a murder frame!

Death Has No Love-life (1947) – The baffling murder of the mystery girl in blue starts Chet Lacey unraveling a sinister pattern of crime traced in crimson—and hurls him into a welter of fast action!

You Wake Up Dead! (1947) – When bootblack Tony gets polished off while on an errand, a private eye sets out to avenge him and suddenly finds himself square in the middle of a murderous racket!
And now to leave this veil of tears for other worlds... this month's SALE books....

On Sale This Month.

Shambleau by C.L. Moore

HAD Northwest Smith, the famous outlaw of the spaceways, been able to foresee the future, he would not have shielded the frightened, scarlet-clad girl from the wild mob pursuing her through the narrow streets of Lakkdarol, Earth’s last colony on Mars. “Shambleau! Shambleau!” the crowd cried with loathing and disgust, but Smith drove them off with his blaster and took the exhausted girl to his quarters. There was no hair upon her face — neither brows nor lashes; but what lay hidden beneath the tight scarlet turban bound around her head?

When it first appeared “Shambleau” was acclaimed by readers, authors, and editors as the debut of a truly gifted talent in the field of fiction writing. It introduced the very popular character Northwest Smith, hardbitten roamer of the spaceways in this classic retelling of the Medusa story.

The Northwest Smith stories were originally published between 1933 and 1940, mostly in Weird Tales. The stories collected here are revisions of the earlier stories and were published as Galaxy Science Fiction Novel No. 31, Shambleau by C.L. Moore in 1953.
Black Thirst
The Tree Of Life

The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs

This volume of The Land That Time Forgot contains the complete Caspak Trilogy by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

A manuscript is found floating in a thermos in the waters off of Greenland, that details the adventures of Bowen Tyler Jr., an American passenger whose ship is sunk by a U-boat in 1916, at the outset of World War I. By a quirk of fate, Tyler is rescued by a British tugboat but the tug then is attacked by the same submarine. He ultimately finds himself on an island, long forgotten, roamed by dinosaurs and cavemen – a land of tooth and claw. Whether it’s dinosaurs looking for their next meal or cave men living in a “kill or be killed” world, or the Germans marooned with him attempting to sabotage him, Tyler is at odds against all. Burroughs’ working title for this novel was “The Lost U-Boat.”

In The People That Time Forgot, a rescue attempt is made to find Bowen Tyler, and this book and Out of Time’s Abyss both tell of the struggle to survive in this primitive world by two men of the rescuing team. Survival becomes more than just dodging dinosaurs when they find that some humans on Caspak have evolved into flying, bat winged creatures that base their status in their society on murder.
A Million Years In The Future by Thomas P. Kelley is a thrilling interplanetary story of Jan, the last man on Earth; Tara the Glorious, Queen of the Stars; the Wolves of Worra, the Nine Terrible Sisters, and the Black Raiders, destroyers of a thousand planets.
(Ed. note: This novel is wild. It's got all kinds of weirdness in it. You'll just have to read it to find out.)

Part One – A tale of the Wolves of Worra and the Nine Terrible Sisters, and the fearsome Black Raiders
1. Jan of the Purple City
2. Thovian Pursuit
3. The Black Raiders
4. Vapors of Vengeance
5. The Prison Farms of Capara
6. A Break for Liberty
7. Vonna

Part Two – The Moon of Madness . . . Said to be the Very Birthplace of Time
8. The Moon of Madness
9. Blood-Stained Altars
10. The Thing that Came in the Night
11. Wolves of Worra
12. The Nine Terrible Sisters
13. What I Found in the Black Tower

Part Three – A story of the Black Raiders, destroyers of a thousand worlds, and Tara, Queen of the Stars
14. Invaders from the Outside
15. Billions of Miles Beyond the Sun
16. The Golden City
17. Tara, Queen of the Stars
18. The Great Games
19. In the Silent Watches of the Night

Part Four – Thrilling interplanetary story of Tara the Glorious, Queen of the Stars; and the Black Raiders, destroyers of a thousand planets.
20. The Magic Mirror
21. I Find Vonna
22. Dungeons of Despair
23. The Temple of the Bells
24. Back to Earth
The Skylark Trilogy by E.E. 'Doc' Smith
The Skylark of Space (1928) was first published in Amazing Stories in 1928. While there are earlier stories about space travel, it is the first novel about interstellar travel and is considered the first “space opera” book.

During an experiment for the Government Bureau of Chemistry, Richard Seaton realises that he has discovered the means for liberating intra-atomic energy. Seaton, and a friend, millionaire Reynolds Crane, decide to build a space-flier, to be propelled by this intra-atomic energy.

Meanwhile, Marc DuQuesne and the Steel Trust, aware of the discovery’s potential, make attempts to steal the experimental solution the discovery is based on and the plans for the space-flier.

Skylark Three (1930) is “the tale of the galactic cruise which ushered in Universal Civilization.”

The Skylark of Valeron (1934-5) brings to a conclusion the classic Skylark trilogy by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith. While DuQuesne has survived to become Master of the Earth, the Seatons and the Cranes must run for their lives into the fourth dimension— from which none have ever returned.
The Moon Pool by A. Merritt
In the middle of the South Pacific, among the islands of Polynesia, there is a lost world under the earth’s surface, home to the evil Shining One and its acolytes. A party of archeologists stumble upon this lost subterranean land and must fight to save their own world on the earth’s surface.

The Moon Pool (1918) – What was the dread cold thing that stole forth from white moonlight—to stalk back with human prey?
Chapter I – The Throckmartin Mystery
Chapter II – Down The Moon Path
Chapter III – Into The Moon Pool
Chapter IV – The Dweller Comes

The Conquest of the Moon Pool (1919) – Beauty incomparable—devilish malignity unspeakable!—what dread secret lay in wait in the lair of the Shining One?
Chapter I – The Dweller
Chapter II – Larry O’Keefe
Chapter III – The Moon Door Opens—and Shuts
Chapter IV – The Moon Pool
Chapter V – “I’d Follow Her Through Hell!”
Chapter VI – Priestess Of The Shining One
Chapter VII – The Angry, Whispering Globe
Chapter VIII – The Lovely Hand Of Lurking Hate
Chapter IX – The Amphitheater Of Hell
Chapter X – “The Ladala Are Awake”
Chapter XI – “These The Silent Ones Summon!”
Chapter XII – The Council’s Decision
Chapter XIII – Dragon Worm And Moss Death
Chapter XIV – The Three Silent Ones
Chapter XV – The Wooing Of Lakla
Chapter XVI – In The Land Of The Dweller
Chapter XVII – In The Beginning
Chapter XVIII – “The Keth Has Power”
Chapter XIX – The Meeting Of Titans
Chapter XX – Von Hetzdorp Strikes!

Afterward – Ponape- The Real “Moon Pool”
The Woman From Altair and Other Stories – two classic novelettes of interstellar love and betrayal, and one story about simple betrayal by Leigh Brackett.

The Woman From Altair (1951) – Ahrian was a fragile creature – yet beneath her feminine softness lurked the steel purpose of bitter dedication!
Chapter I – Ahrian
Chapter II – Stranger on Earth
Chapter III – Gifts of Love
Chapter IV – Star Dreams
Chapter V – About Altair
Chapter VI – The Last Magic

The Stellar Legion (1940) – No one had ever escaped from Venus’ dread Stellar Legion. And as Thekla the low-Martian learned, no one had ever betrayed it——and lived

The Last Days of Shandakor (1952) – An Earthman finds love and tragedy in a long-dead city of ancient Mars that denies death. A novelette in six chapters.
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