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January 10, 2022

New Year, Old Pulp, New Adventures

The fun and excitement, the joy and the togetherness of Christmas and the New Year celebrations have passed and here we are in the year 2022. A lot of the same old problems are still with us but we can escape into a number of fantasy worlds, even if only for a few minutes at a time.

As for us? Well, for this year (as Jimmy Cagney would say...) we got plans. Plans, see? Plans. Big plans.

For instance, we're planning to next produce Citadel of Fear by Francis Stevens (oh those Aztecs!). Then more by Edgar Wallace, more by Otis Adelbert Kline, begin working on the Tarzan series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Cosmos by a veritable plethora of authors working in round-robin format, some Jules Verne, some more Max Brand, some more Ray Cummings, just a lot more great tales.

Two books we really enjoyed putting together last month were The Worlds of IF and A Martian Odyssey, both by Stanley G. Weinbaum. The novelette A Martian Odyssey was Weinbaum's first published story and it made a lot people stand up and take notice of a striking new talent. Unfortunately, Weinbaum died about eighteen months later from lung cancer. A terrible loss of a huge talent. Cancer sucks.
A Martian Odyssey by Stanley G. Weinbaum – Jarvis, on a scouting mission for the first expedition to explore Mars, finds himself shipwrecked and must walk back to his base. On his journey he meets a variety of new lifeforms. Much like a modern Odysseus, Jarvis must survive the unknown, the harsh climate, and the monsters that would devour him, on his quest to return to his base.
A Martian Odyssey (1934)
Chapter II - Tweel of Mars
Chapter III - The Pyramid Being
Chapter IV - The Dream-Beast
Chapter V - The Barrel-People
Valley Of Dreams (1934)
Ibis-Headed Thoth
Paradise and Hell
But how about we take a look at this month's SALE books?

On Sale This Month.

The Moon Pool by A. Merrit – In the middle of the South Pacific, among the islands of Polynesia, there is a lost world under the earth’s surface, home to the evil Shining One and its acolytes. A party of archeologists stumble upon this lost subterranean land and must fight to save their own world on the earth’s surface.

The Moon Pool (1918) – What was the dread cold thing that stole forth from white moonlight—to stalk back with human prey?

The Conquest of the Moon Pool (1919) – Beauty incomparable—devilish malignity unspeakable!—what dread secret lay in wait in the lair of the Shining One?

Afterward – Ponape- The Real “Moon Pool”

The Complete Doctor Satan by Paul Ernst
A series of eight novelettes in two volumes. Written in 1935 and 1936 for Weird Tales magazine, the stories pit the sinister and evil Doctor Satan, master of both scientific and occult knowledge against Ascott Keane, equally a master of the scientific and the occult.
Doctor Satan Vol. 1 contains:
• Doctor Satan
• The Man Who Chained the Lightening
• Hollywood Horror
• The Consuming Flame

Doctor Satan Vol. 2 contains:
• Horror Insured
• Beyond Death’s Gateway
• The Devil’s Double
• Mask of Death
Red Nails (1936) by Robert E. Howard - One of the strangest stories ever written—the tale of Conan- a barbarian adventurer, a woman pirate, and a weird enclosed city, surrounded by dragons and inhabited by the most peculiar race of men ever spawned.
Red Nails was serialized in Weird Tales in the July, August-September, and October 1936 issues.
Chapter 1 – The Skull on the Crag
Chapter 2 – By the Blaze of the Fire Jewels
Part 2 – The Story Thus Far
Chapter 2 cont.
Chapter 3 – The People of the Feud
Chapter 4 – Scent of Black Lotus
Part 3 – The Story Thus Far
Chapter 5 – Twenty Red Nails
Chapter 6 – The Eyes of Tascela
Chapter 7 – He Comes from the Dark
BOOTHILL GUNS by Jackson Cole – A killer-bandit was at large in the town of Frontera, and Jim Hatfield, the Lone Wolf Ranger, had both feet in the grave before he tagged the guilty one.
Chapter I – Funeral in Frontera
Chapter II – Disaster Strikes
Chapter III – The Search
Chapter IV – A Dead Man’s Clue
Chapter V – Arrest
Chapter VI – Trail’s End
Chapter VII – Ace in the Hole
Chapter VIII – A Woman’s Love
Chapter IX – A Second Dead Man
Chapter X – Hatfield’s Hunch
Children of the Sun by Edmond Hamilton
These two novelettes, The Harpers of Titan and Children of the Sun are a particularly beautiful and haunting rumination about the nature of death, life, and eternal life. These two stories were ghost written by Leigh Brackett, Hamilton’s wife.

The Harpers of Titan – Again, Simon Wright, the “Brain”, lives in a human body, and in that guise contends with the most hideous peril he has ever faced—a menace driving a planet to madness!
Chapter I – Shadowed Moon
Chapter II – Unearthly Stratagem
Chapter III – Once Born of Flesh
Chapter IV – The Harpers

Children of the Sun – Curt Newton, in quest of a friend lost inside Vulcan, faces the most insidious danger he has ever known in his entire galactic career!
Chapter I – Quest of the Futuremen
Chapter II – Citadel of Mystery
Chapter III – Dread Metamorphosis
Chapter IV – The Bright Ones
Dig It Deep – Four Crime Stories by David X. Manners features danger and death at every turn.

Dig It Deep (1948) – Detective Carter lets a hunch lead him to a killer!

A Slug For Grandma’s Girl (1943) – Joe Gath, private investigator, hired a Hollywood blonde as stand-in for a corpse. But Joe found out too late that Hell’s director had already cast her for the star role of a tragedy filmed in blood.

My Friend The Fiend (1950) – When Greg Kelly does his civic duty he meets the sharp edge of danger!

The Blackout Murders (1943) – What was the sinister secret behind the darkness that suddenly descended in the midst of daylight, to form a cover for the crimes and deadly plots of enemy agents?
So, New Year, New You, Old Pulp. The best of all worlds, right?

Make sure to come by The Pulp Fiction Book Store and check out what we have going on. And stay tuned for our plans.....
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