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December 18, 2021

Our Gift to You

This is just a short newsletter. We want to thank you for all of the support you've given us this year and for being subscribers to this newsletter. We're giving you guys, our subscribers, an unadvertised gift of our latest favorite book for free.

42 Days For Murder by Roger Torrey is free to you if you use the code 42days at the checkout. This book is free only thru Christmas, Dec. 25th. We hope you'll grab a copy and enjoy it. It's on our Editor's Favorites list.
42 Days For Murder by Roger Torrey – It takes six weeks or 42 days to get a quickee divorce in Reno. A lot can happen in 42 days.

Private detective Shean Connell is hired to clear up a divorce case in Reno, Nevada, a wide-open little town rife with an assortment of gangsters and politicians running the gambling, prostitution, dope, and, of course, “easy divorce” rackets.

42 Days For Murder was the only full length novel that Roger Torrey ever wrote. It was originally published in 1938.
Also in the spirit of giving we put NINE books on this month's SALE list. And be sure to look out for our Year End Sale, coming, believe it or not, at the end of the year!

So come by The Pulp Fiction Book Store and get 42 Days For Murder by Roger Torrey. It's a terrific read from one of the best hard-boiled writers that ever graced the pages of the pulp magazines.

And Merry Christmas to you and yours.
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