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November 2, 2021

A Few Good Books

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One of the books we produced last month was an interesting piece of mash-up. It was Origins of the Partnership by Seabury Quinn. We dug around in Quinn's oeuvre and found the four stories that first prefigured and then brought together Jules de Grandin and Dr. Trowbridge. It was a fun little piece of pulp fiction scholarship. Those of you who are fans of the great Occult Detective Team should try it!
Origins of the Partnership by Seabury Quinn
The backgrounds and origins of the greatest occult detective team – Dr. de Grandin and Dr. Trowbrige.

Fortune’s Fools (1938) – A thrilling weird story out of the Dark Ages — a tale of wolves who were men and men who were wolves — a story of a Provencal soldier of fortune and a beautiful girl, who indeed were Fortune’s fools
1. A Solitary Horseman Rides
2. Otto von Wolfberg
3. Seen from a Dungeon Window
4. Two in a Tower
5. Two Ride Forth Together
6. The Wolf Pack Hunts Again
7. “We Be Fortune’s Fools!”

The Stone Image (1919)

The Horror on the Links (1925) – A Tale That Climbs Steadily to a Climax of Stark Terror.

The Tenants of Broussac (1925) – Complete Novelette About an Old Curse and a Gigantic Snake. A twelve chapter novelette.
But how about we take a look at this month's SALE books?

On Sale This Month.

Lord of the Lamia by Otis Adelbert Kline
A colorful weird mystery-tale of an American archeologist in the eon-old city of Cairo. An American archeologist faces a weird and deadly mythic ancient creature in the eons-old city of Cairo. Modern day thieves wish to control it but somehow he becomes the Lord of the Lamia.

Lord of the Lamia
1. Saint’s Miracle
2. Drugged Sherbet
3. A Very Strange Mummy
4. Real or Unreal?
5. Hagg Nadeem.

Part 2
6. The Visitation
7. Kidnapped
8. The Oasis
9. Men or Jinn?

Part 3
10. The Stranglers
11. Three-Cornered Combat
12. The Cache
13. Unweaving the Rainbow

The Narratives of Gregg Haljan by Ray Cummings are a pair of early space opera novels, Brigands of the Moon and Wandl, the Invader. Gregg Haljan and his companions fight space pirates and alien invaders.

Brigands of the Moon
One of the great early space opera novels, Brigands of the Moon by Ray Cummings (1887-1957) was serialized in four parts in Astounding Stories of Super Science in its March through June, 1930 issues.
Gregg Haljan, Third Officer of the Planetara, must fight Martian pirates and Earth traitors to protect the precious radium ore found on the Moon from being hijacked.

Wandl, the Invader
In this Science Fiction Classic, sequel to Brigands of the Moon, Gregg Haljan, Snap, Anita and Venza are back trying to save the Earth, Mars and Venus from being destroyed by the giant brains of the planet Wandl.
Wandl, the Invader is a classic early space opera novel. It was serialized in four parts in Astounding Stories in its February through May, 1932 issues.
New Guinea Gambit thumb
New Guinea Gambit by Dwight V. Swain
One man out for revenge. One man out for gold. One woman out for both revenge and gold. All three lost in the middle of New Guinea, surrounded by headhunters and cannibals.

John Daniels didn’t care what happened as long as he got Poulain, the odious fat man who was responsible for killing his brother. Anita Van Pelt, she-devil straight from hell, would give Poulain to Daniels for return of the gold stolen from her family. John Daniels wanted to believe in Anita, but the little Dutch girl seemed a little trigger-happy behind the Luger
Chapter I – Fakfak
Chapter II – Man-Trap
Chapter III – Design for Murder
Chapter IV – The Enemy
Chapter V – Betrayal
Chapter VI – Turn About
Chapter VII – The Junkers
Chapter VIII – Cannibal Covert
Chapter IX – The Ngurus
Chapter X – Escape to Jeopardy
Chapter XI – Conflict!
Chapter XII – The Payoff
The Queen of the Black Coast: Four Stories of Conan by Robert E. Howard.

Four stories of Conan the Cimmerian in which he faces monsters, fearsome wizards, ancient curses and the love of a mighty pirate woman.

Rogues in the House (1934) – A tale to make the blood tingle—the story of a barbarian soldier of fortune and a squatting monstrosity that sat in the chambers of death in the house of the wizard Nabonidus.
A novelette in three chapters.

Shadows in the Moonlight (1934) – A colossal tale about gigantic iron Statues that stood in a ghastly row in the moonlight— a tale of piracy and red-blooded heroism in the mighty days of yore.
A novelette in four chapters

Queen of the Black Coast (1934) – A weird story of Conan the barbarian, and a savage white woman who captained a pirate ship, and a ghastly horror in the jungle.
1. Conan Joins the Pirates
2. The Black Lotus
3. The Horror in the Jungle
4. The Attack from the Air
5. The Funeral Pyre

The Devil in Iron (1934) – A tale of Conan the barbarian— and an amazing island city of green stone.
A novelette in six chapters.
South To Chihuahua by William L. Hopson
Historical fiction of Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution.

Mexico had become a hotbed of action, and when these men marched south things began to pop that would make history. This was war. This was Revolucion!

A coup had been staged. Assassinations executed. General Francisco “Pancho” Villa was leading the Constitutionalist Army from the north to meet with Emiliano Zapata and his forces from the south to take Mexico back from the usurpers. Ed Lash had ridden with Pancho Villa before and, against his will, he was back to ride with him again.

Two men wanted to kill Ed Lash but the dreaded Mexican Rurales would probably kill him first. Lash was caught in a blood feud with one man because he killed his brother. He was caught in a love triangle with another man over a woman he hated.

Two private wars in the middle of Pancho Villa’s campaign to conquer northern Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. And Ed Lash was right in the middle of it all.
Wings For An Angel by C.S. Montanye
Johnny Castle was a New York sports reporter. Castle was tougher than most sports writers and it’s a good thing he was – he always seemed to wind up in the middle of a murder.

Death With Music (1944) – Johnny Castle steps into a puzzling maze of criminal intrigue when he sets out to probe a grim hot spot murder mystery!
Chapter I – Swell Night For Murder
Chapter II – For The Law
Chapter III – Night Ride
Chapter IV – From Headquarters
Chapter V – The Coat

Crepe For Suzette (1948) – When an ice-skating star catches a slug, Johnny Castle matches wits with the cops! A novelette in five chapters.

Wings For An Angel (1948) – The sports writer and dilettante detective battles with fists, wits and guns when the backer of a Broadway show is killed—and a lovely chorine may be handed the rap!
Chapter I – Like A Snake Bite
Chapter II – Empty Pocket
Chapter III – Callers
Chapter IV – Blue Steel
Chapter V – Glass For Ashes
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